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How to get a sleeping bag back in the sack

sack-200x148Q. Every single time I go camping, I have trouble rolling up my sleeping bag and can never get it back in the bag. Help!
– Frustrated Zack, Erie, Pa.

A. Tons of guys share this gripe. It does seem that sleeping-bag manufacturers often make their stuff sacks just a hair too small.

What you need is a compression sack. Basically it’s a nylon stuff sack with compression straps that let you smash down a sleeping bag (or other soft gear, like clothing) so it fits inside you pack. Pick a compression sack that’s large enough to easily slip your rolled-up bag (or stuff your down bag) inside. Then, simply cinch it down tight to make it compact.

You can find quality compression sacks online for about $20 to $40 (depending on size and features like waterproofness) at and other retailers.


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  1. Sly Fox says:

    The key is “Stuff” not fold or roll. Stuff it in the bag and then compress; siting on the bag at the 75% point often helps younger scouts get it in easily. * Never leave your bag stored in a tight compression sack for a lengthy amount of time, always store your bags in a fluffed manner. Hanging them is best. Scout on.

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