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Discounts for Boy Scouts

alps-200x148Q: I actually don’t have a question. Just wanted to tell fellow Boys’ Life readers that Alps Mountaineering gives all Boy Scouts a 45 percent discount off list price on outdoor equipment on their website.
–Barry the Bargain Hunter, Louisville, KY

A: Everybody loves to save cash on gear. And Barry is exactly right, guys. Alps sells good quality backpacks, tents and sleeping bags and gives Scouts a savings of 45 percent off their normal retail prices. You can check out their stuff at or go straight to their Scouts-only website at The good old fashion phone works too, if that’s more your speed: 1-800-344-2577.

Comments about “Discounts for Boy Scouts”

  1. person says:

    is all of the gear from alps on here?

  2. GramB says:

    Does anyone have a legitimate promo code for a discount at the Boys Life magazine site??
    This Grandma needs a deal

  3. Flatdog says:

    Anyone know of other national retailers that offer discounts?

    • ScoutmaserDave says:

      Gander Mountian will give you a 10% discount if you show your scout ID card. Cabella’s as well if you bring in the troop check book.

  4. rg97 says:

    This is great!!! I don`t really have much money I can just go spend on outdoors stuff, so this will deffinetly help me a lot. I`m can tell my troop the best place to buy equipment now

  5. Joe says:

    Thanks, I need a pack and now I know where to get one!

  6. Cashsaver says:

    Thanks dude!! I don’t have much pocket money to spend on gear so that’s really helpful!! Im always looking for a good discount!!!!!!!!!!

  7. littlemike says:

    that is pretty cool

  8. campingrules!! says:

    i love saving money, and what a great way to!

  9. Bob says:


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