Can you name that fish?

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  1. walleyeseeker says:


  2. cute boy says:


  3. booyah says:


  4. soil your plants says:

    64% not bad

  5. pee wee says:

    thats easy it is a brim.

  6. Off-Trail-Monkey says:

    Cool … 100%

  7. nick says:

    really easy quiz i got 82% my brother got 100%

  8. scouter says:

    It can be easy if you like to fish.

  9. BoySCOUT1 says:

    94%, i was wishing for 100% :(

  10. CARS GOOD says:

    36 awwwwwww

  11. AJ says:

    i didn’t try but i got a %45

  12. NB man says:

    91% pretty good for a guy whos only ever caught jack fish

  13. CubleaderJer says:

    100 %. Had to go back and change the muske once i saw the northern though.

  14. notcool says:

    82%. . U

  15. Sly fox says:

    Zero wrong.

  16. Boy Scout says:

    64% :/

  17. pythonman says:

    83%, ok

  18. game master says:

    I can’t do it :’(

  19. catfish says:

    82% booyah

  20. Firehawk says:


  21. coolman360 says:

    100% WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Potato says:

    I failed at 45% but I’ve only been fishing twice so give me a break!

  23. I love cars says:

    36% :(

  24. I love cars says:

    this is like the Garfield show! haha

  25. triple H says:

    BOO-YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100%

  26. smarti786 says:

    I go fishing a lot…so I got 100%! Great idea for a quiz!

  27. fishman says:

    100%, yay!!! very easy though.

  28. Anonymous says:

    64% thats good

  29. travieman says:

    73% not bad

  30. mnook says:

    they do not look real even though i have caught them all.northern pike Minsota ,large mouth in my pond (in TEXAS)-21in-,small mouth bass also my pond(17in),i also have caught channel catfish and croppies and sunnies.I caught a gar on the brazos (Texas).I caught a walleye also up northall kinds of trout in a friend’s pond -it is connected to a river-

  31. WiScouter says:

    100% baby!

  32. bluerunner says:


  33. go jo says:

    man 64 percent

  34. bullseyebob says:

    You scored 100%!

  35. jamwam says:

    100% it was very easy

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