Catch and release fishing tips

Releasing the fish you catch can help sustain and build the population of wild fish. Here are a few tips for ensuring fish have the best chance of survival.


Use barbless hooks or flatten the barb on the hook before using a fly for the first time. This makes the hook much easier to remove and lessens the potential injury to the fish’s mouth.


Use either needle-nose pliers or forceps to gently remove the hook from the fish’s mouth.


If the fish has swallowed the hook, or if the hook is set too deeply, cut the line and release the fish. The hook will dissolve over time without harm to the fish.

If the hook is in the gills, the throat or an artery, the fish’s chances of survival are greatly reduced. If it’s legal, keep the fish. Also, if a fish is bleeding, keep it if it’s legal to do so.


Minimize the amount of time the fish is out of the water. Once the hook is removed or the line is cut, gently hold the fish in the water, pointing upstream, until it can swim away on its own.


Comments about “Catch and release fishing tips”

  1. fisherman 1000 says:

    we eat all of r fish

  2. ctc10 says:

    i love to fish i have to try this

  3. mikey says:

    when i go fishing,we always release ‘em!

  4. air12345610 says:

    i love fishing with my grampa i caught bass carp troutand allot of bluegile

  5. fishinglover says:

    i went fishing and i caught the BIGGEST CARP EVER ALL BY MY SELF!!! :O it was as fat as a shark

  6. argonien says:

    more bait will not catch bigger fish time patience experience and a little luck is what will catch the big fish

  7. ewood says:

    carp are bottom feeders they dont surface for any reason so i you want to catch carp catfish and maybe a few bass tie your line to the hook and leave alot of slack in it and tie a really heavy weight to it and make sure your nots are tight and cast out and wait for a bite you only can see it if you are paying attention to the fod tip or leave a little slack in the line and watch the line

    p.s.(trust me with this ive done it )

  8. campingfreak says:

    I may have to try that!

  9. armyguy says:

    if you whant to catch a carp put the bobber under the hook it makes the line right at the top of the water it increases your chances 45%

  10. armyguy says:

    I whent one time at steals creek park and caught 89 blue gill.

  11. armyguy says:

    if you want a BIG FISH put a lot of bate on the hook like worms,bread,mealworms,sasage,cheese,corn,and lures

  12. carps are awesome says:

    a few days ago i caught a 3 foot and 35 pound grass carp

  13. Lmnop23 says:

    The spikes on a catfish’s dorsial fin hurt. Rub the spine to make it go down.

  14. peanutbrittle 33 says:

    ive only been fishing twice but ive got like 8 fish :-P

  15. ray says:

    i had to release it.

  16. ray says:

    I fished for a long time my first cath was a bullhead but my biggest catch was about 30 years old but because it was injured by many other fishermen/fisherwomen.

  17. Scout for Life says:

    Hi I have been fishing a few times with my father and all I ever catch is blue gills any tips on how to catch a whopper?

    • Born 4 Eagle says:

      Well if you’re fishing in a deep lake, don’t put a bobber on it, just put heavy weights on it and let the hook sink to the bottom, then start reeling it in.

      (trust me, this works, I caught a footlong catfish with this method)

  18. Pack21 dude says:

    Bassmaster444 I think you got a great fish. Where did you catch it?

  19. Pack21 dude says:

    One time I was fishin I caught somthin big, my grandpa thought it was just a large bunch of seaweed but he was wrong, it was actually a 7 pound 19 in. largemouth bass!

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