How well do you know the Boy Scout Handbook?

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Throughout your time as a Boy Scout, you’re going to learn a lot of different things about a lot of different things. But it’s not enough to simply earn a merit badge and then never think about that topic again.

If you really want to learn something, you have to put your knowledge to the test.

To test your skills, see how you do on our online quiz based on information in the Boy Scout Handbook. Then check out the June 2013 issue of Boys’ Life to read how Scouts in New Jersey put their skills to the test.

Comments about “How well do you know the Boy Scout Handbook?”

  1. easy says:

    (just joined) Score: 10 of 10

  2. Payton says:

    It’s awesome

  3. Anonymous says:

    does not work

  4. a says:

    what is this “handbook” you speak of?

  5. Cam says:

    I know alot of it inside and out

  6. Baseball says:

    Im a first rank scout but i know it really well!!!

  7. Scan Me says:

    There’s a handbook?!

  8. Percy Jackson says:

    It doesn’t work.

  9. Tenderfoot says:

    10 – 10

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