How to determine which eye is dominant


You might not know it, but one of your eyes completely determines the direction in which you look. That’s the eye that you need to use to aim your firearm.

To determine which of your eyes is dominant, do this:

  • Extend your hands in front of your face, placing them together so that only a small opening remains between them.
  • Look through that space with both eyes open, focusing on a distant object.
  • While maintaining your focus, keep both eyes open and start moving your hands closer to your face, continuing until your hands reach your face.
  • At this point, you will have instinctively lined up the opening in your hands with one eye — your dominant eye.

Comments about “How to determine which eye is dominant”

  1. Troop16er says:

    I learned this at scout camp right eye dominant

  2. JGecko says:

    My left eye is the dominant one, pretty cool how this works.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Left eye dominant and i’m right handed. Uggh!!! Makes it a little tricky when it comes to shooting my firearm. I have now learned to shoot with both eyes open while slightly squinting my dominate eye. Something that I just had to learn to adapt to at a very young age.

  4. ISA_Copes says:

    I’m left Eye dominant… which is cool… I can shoot video with my right eye in the viewfinder and my left eye open watching the broader scene as it develops… Also means I see with my Right Brain, which means i’m looking at life with the more creative side of my brain… useful for problem solving. Thanks for the great tip!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always followed step one but then without moving your head close one eye. If the object you are focusing on disappears then the eye you closed is your dominate eye. If it stays put, you are seeing it with your dominate eye!

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