Gear checklists for your next trip

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  1. Asm says:

    Gotta read this

  2. NewScout97 says:

    I’m new to Boy Scouts, and haven’t bought my gear yet. About how much will it cost ad what will I need? Should I buy from the BSA website?

  3. Sly Fox says:

    Why don’t you simply ask your SPL or Scoutmaster for a check list for the outing? Simple! Our unit posts them on our Troop’s web site and news letters.

  4. tryecrot says:

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

  5. Dodoscout says:

    Hey boys life, could you do a checklist for a fishing trip?

  6. karatekid says:

    wish they had an actual check off list that could be printed for each thing
    is so great and I’m so happy I found it

  7. wivd says:

    wish they had an actual check off list that could be printed for each thing

  8. canadain scout says:


  9. oreo-95 says:

    I need to write this down soon

  10. PKline says:

    I’m putting my checklists into my PDA, with the rest of my scouting information.

  11. bparadise says:

    i wish u could download it

  12. haha says:

    it’s called a SPACEBAG TM

  13. DonkeyKong says:

    What if you don’t have enough room for all that clothing?

  14. jujuju says:

    it is cool

  15. joel says:

    awsome cool

  16. D3 says:

    Sweet! I never knew that!

  17. a scout says:

    Stick 1 or 2 dryer sheets in your uniform shoulder loops.
    This is a good mosqito repellent

  18. ddog says:

    another thing you could do is: print the lists on color-coded cardstock printing paper (red for essentials, orange for warm, dark blue for cold, aqua for paddling and green for bicycling), and then laminate them. they will be durable, easy to find and recognize, and you will be able to use expo marker on them!

  19. ddog says:

    this is like…a campers dream come true

  20. smartcamper says:

    Print out one list, flip the page over, and print another list on the back. Now you only use up two pages of paper. Once the ink is dry get the lists laminated. Now instead of printing out a new list every time you can just use a expo marker and wipe the list off when your done Go Green!!!!

  21. jdog96 says:

    the printable versions are nice, but i wish you could print every list at once

  22. darth yoda says:

    cool it is

  23. jojo says:

    I love this btu they need to do moer stuf

  24. aspl 2000 says:

    You guys supply insightful info. And I would suggest any troop to cut and paste in to handouts to the scouts.

  25. Norm says:

    Now I can be a happy camper :)

  26. NYC WB Owl says:

    I am always forgetting stuff after 35 years in Scouting. I probably forget these lists too. LOL

    I’ do my best though.

  27. kickir99 says:


  28. 637x says:

    these lists arent the best. personally i think bl should have a section where we can make our own lists based on these. how about it?

    happy camping! 637x

  29. M. All Wet says:

    There should be a list for a rainy outing.

  30. Hallywood says:

    Every time i go camping, i look at the list. it has been so helpful

  31. ASMbiker says:

    These are good lists. It should be pointed out to scouts, however, that their Scout Handbook provides the basic lists — Scouts should always remember this important reference first!

  32. boy scouts rocks says:

    This is so great and I’m so happy I found it

  33. Gecko says:

    I have a friend who dosen’t know very much of anything of scouting. This data should help him know a lot more know! Thanks Boyslife!!!

  34. Zog says:

    I never knew that I needed some of this stuff. This has made camping a lot more fun!

  35. bowhunter says:

    it is so cool

  36. Gecko says:

    I agree with you Upton. I have the very same problems as you do. I forget everything that I need and then I just do nothing.

  37. Yi-Yi says:

    Wow, This is really great! Now we don’t have to worry about not having the correct gear. Thank You So Much.

  38. Upton says:

    This is information is an asset. I am a very forgetful person now-a-days when it comes to packing. Now, I have nothing to worry about.

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