Checklist for a basic warm-weather outing

warm-200x148You’re frantic. Panicked even. In exactly one hour, your troop is heading out the door on a warm-weather outing — and you’re struggling to pack. What clothes do you need to bring? How about extra gear?

No worries.

Just take a deep breath and use this handy checklist. In addition to the basic camping gear, you’ll also need:

  • Socks
  • Long-sleeved shirt (lightweight)
  • Long pants (lightweight)
  • Sweater or warm jacket
  • Brimmed hat
  • Bandana
  • Rain gear
  • Extra underwear (for longer trips)


From Mark Anderson, program director, Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, N.M.

  • Water. “Always pack enough water depending on the climate and the availability of fresh water where you’ll be. Here in the desert Southwest, we suggest bringing four liters for the day. That works out to about a liter for every 1 to 1.5 hours of hiking.”
  • Rain suit. “A good, quality rain suit will allow you to keep hiking and remain active around camp while still enjoying the experience.”
  • Boots. “When backpacking, I prefer hiking boots over trail runner-type shoes—safety is the issue. Also make sure your boots fit correctly and are well broken in.”
  • Backpack that fits. “Both internal- and external-frame backpacks work fine. The key is to test drive your pack on several short hikes before taking a long trip. This ensures that all of your pack adjustments are done properly.”


  • Personal blister kit. “Even with well-broken-in boots and socks that you have hiked in before, you can still get a blister. Being able to take care of blisters early can ensure that it doesn’t negatively impact your trek. I even carry a blister kit on day hikes.” A good blister kit will include moleskin, adhesive tape, safety pins and antibiotic ointment.
  • Parachute cord, 20 feet. “Parachute cord can be used for all sorts of things from backpack and tent repairs to a clothesline and replacement shoelaces.”

Comments about “Checklist for a basic warm-weather outing”

  1. Kriggy says:

    Thanks a lot

  2. scout kid says:

    thanks for the help

  3. RR7 says:

    Very interesting and very helpful

  4. Coop860 says:

    The scouts in my troop find it easier to pack everything in a large plastic, waterproof tub, and unload your sleeping stuff inside your tent. it is easier to transport when car camping. keep the tub outside of your ten with all your other stuff for the trip in it. in the morning, and at night, you can find all your stuff. keep iit sealed, until you need something to keep out animals and rain/dew.

  5. gjp says:

    very good advice

  6. T41 Scout says:

    parachute cord is just rope

  7. campchamp37 says:

    dont sun screen

  8. darth camp says:

    Thanks. I just became a boyscout, so this was my first camping trip, and I was wondering what I needed because I we were not going to use a toilet. Instead, we dug those big ditches. But I do not see anything that is related to that in your list.

  9. 50 mile hiker says:

    would the pdf work on a warm 50 mile hike too?


  10. Chicagobull23 says:

    thanks i have got to get parachute chord

  11. MrT says:

    carry extra water, a dew rag and summer type hat.

  12. Big George says:

    1st} medicated vasoline, its great to prevent blisters, prevent chapped lips, prevent heat rash/jock itch, put on minor cuts or burns;
    2nd] Make a list for light camping, pack your pack, then take everything out and lighten the load some more; next repeat this over and over until its like a survival kit, now your ready to go

  13. GEAR MAN says:

    can you do a spring and fall list too please?

  14. Hobojophrey says:

    arent the clothes they chose a little warm for warm weather? why would you where pants and a long sleeve shirt in warm weather. I might try it out, but i think ill just use the essentials

  15. moose says:

    put duct tape on the bottom of your pack to protect it from getting wet.

  16. dude says:

    this is a great list to use for cramming before a scout trip. you can bye little wrist bands that have tons of rope coiled up in them


  17. momo says:

    Great list thanx

  18. GEAR MAN says:

    Instead of parachute cord, I brink 100 feet of belay rope. But I guess that depends on what I’m doing or where I’m going.

  19. GEAR MAN says:

    get a hat, its as simple as that.

  20. Bubba says:

    Thanks for everything:)

  21. TickleMeMR.MARINE says:

    This is sure a step up from when I was a kid. Anyone who is reading this I reccomend you stay in scouts and persue a Military life. Im a 6 year Vet and the things Scouts have taught me have saved my life

    • old man scout says:

      Not every kid who has joined scouts has in mind the military, but that is not a bad choice for many, and my gratefulness goes to all members of the Forces, active and retired, however, there is kids who are gifted in other areas and would not choose that path.

  22. Hi says:

    Great checklist. will use it

  23. troop515of howell says:

    i am going to FSR (forestburg scout reservation) for a week with my troop but this doesnt really help do you have any other packing list

  24. MATT says:

    this insnt a bad idea im telling all my friends about this


  25. aym says:

    this is realy going to be help ful

  26. scout noob 26 says:

    this is realy cool that you guys have this stuf on here to help the younger scouts

  27. D says:

    i took a 2 night, 17 mile trip by backpack, and my pack only weighed 27 lbs. try dried and freeze dried food. real weightsaver.

  28. Charles Octavius Fancy Pants says:

    Hi Im new to scouting and needed this big time now I won’t be rushed. A good Idea my friend told me is if you have an extra pack pre stock it with the seentials for the season.

  29. loner says:

    take only what you need. a lighter backpack makes the trip a lot funner. for an overnight campout and 3 mile hike my badlands 2500 wieghed only 21 lbs and i was compfy in camp. thats with all my water, there was no water scource.

  30. Bean says:

    It was very helpful. I used to frantically search for what I needed before a camp out. Now, I can just look at this and know what to bring!

  31. T@Troop 127 says:

    I liked your idea about the Parachute cord,I never would have thought of something like that but I can see many uses for it.


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