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  1. 121 says:

    I got nothing

  2. karatekid says:

    i’m not even a scout i am more along the lines of a survivalist

  3. CJ says:

    i didn’t like this quiz

  4. mountainman1219 says:

    eh i got 600 but then again i was never really good with knots or compasses, although i’m not even a scout i am more along the lines of a survivalist

  5. CampingScout says:

    has lots of glitches… repeats q’s by disguising them as the next q and then scolds you.

  6. Cousie says:

    This quiz is helpful… it just needs to be a lot longer and then it will help more.

  7. Sergant Silky45 says:

    It was pretty cool and it was really easy,even though I got some wrong.

  8. soxfan says:

    This stuff is critical for your safety.Thanks:)

  9. eagle-scout101 says:

    tite dowg!!!

  10. hiphoptdc says:

    Some of it is easy and some of it is hard!!!!!!!

  11. bl lover says:

    it was fun

  12. superscout says:

    I GOT 1,000!!!

  13. zach45 says:

    i only got one wrong!!

  14. newinpack213 says:

    I passed but I go some of them wrong

  15. peeweewanabe says:

    Fun quiz, should change questions every week

  16. patbarr7417 says:

    i got some wrong and some write but im a scout in pack 115 and been camping many times so i know what to do

  17. b123 says:

    I passed! it was easy!!

  18. kf5aoc says:

    You need to learn this stuff !!

  19. Newcomerintroop524 says:

    I love the quiz

  20. tenderfootfromtroop471 says:

    8/10 bad questions, but easy

  21. troop102 patrol leader says:

    i got 9/10 its easy

  22. TomBoy says:

    i got 5 out of 10 and by the way number 9 makes no sense because it says on one question to bury it

  23. Bud says:

    I got four stars or nine out of ten on my secont try. I think some of them are wrong but thats just me. It’s fun!

  24. coolm says:

    I like this game, now I have a little more of what I should do then what I shouldn’t

  25. Hallywood says:

    I wasn’t very good at the test but i learned alot.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I got six out of eight

  27. :):):) says:

    I got to bounus

  28. tfardkcab says:

    Interesting quiz on LNT, I missed 3

  29. db says:

    I’ve been out of scouting for twenty years, but still did ok. I think that part of the problem is that the quiz is less about camping knowledge than impact on environment. Only a few of the questions were actually pertinent to being a successful camper, versus a low-impact camper. They are not equivalent.

  30. tenderfoot Scout of troop 69 says:

    I got 10 out of 10 and I’m only tenderfoot

  31. makmak says:

    that was a gr8 quiz i learned a lot !!

  32. E Man says:

    i got 7 out of 10 pretty good but i bet my patrol leader could do better

  33. peanutbrittle33 says:

    i only got three out of ten :-(

  34. BSA Guy says:

    i got 10%

  35. fatemaster72 says:

    4 of 10

    2nd:10 of 10

  36. G man says:

    that was pretty cool and all the questions were educational

  37. ibart9 says:

    i got 70%

  38. b hote 101 says:

    i thought the “quiz” was realy fun and entertaining.

  39. Xxfree loaderxX says:

    i faild 2 out of 10 =(….

  40. shadowroy64 says:

    i scored 3 out of ten… -_-

  41. DJ says:

    I glad I’m in Cub Scouts : )

  42. Cw says:

    yikes im bad i got 3 of 10

  43. bobby says:

    i got 4 outta 10

  44. spyscout123 says:

    i got 5 out of 10

  45. Xx_R3NeGad3_xX says:

    I guess I did alright :|

  46. smarty says:

    That test was fun. I got ten out of ten correct.

  47. CampingQuizStudent3598721 says:

    I scored three out of ten. I suppose that I am on camping restriction in the Order of the Arrow Boy Scout Honor Camper Society. I need to continue to practice safe camping and hiking policies.

  48. hipie man says:


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