Pedro’s Magic Snowglobe

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Comments about “Pedro’s Magic Snowglobe”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I asked for World Peace and he said I would get it. Get Real Pedro!

  2. delta49 says:

    I asked for a xbox one but he said he couldn’t think about it because he was wondering how he got in the snowglobe

  3. SKL says:

    i said an uzi, but he was writing his own list

  4. pokemonash says:

    I first asked for “Peace, joy, and love,” and he said he wasn’t paying attention, then I asked again and he said, “If they gave a merit badge for asking for too much, you’d get it!” LOL

  5. pokemonash says:

    I asked for “Coal” and he said, “When I was a whee little Burro, I got that!” LOL

  6. BBG says:

    All I want is a pen

  7. buckeyes says:


  8. buddersaur says:

    i asked him for real skin dinosaurs witch are toys that cost 1 dollar and he said i wont get them because he did not have 1,000,000,000 dollars! that is dumb.

  9. UKGUY SAYS says:


  10. toaster says:

    I wanna Ipad!

  11. Nick The Jumping Spider says:

    I asked him for a penny and he (ironically) says: “Hows santa gonna get you that?! Hes a jolly old elf, not a BILLIONARE!” LOL!

  12. cool dude says:

    I asked him for an airplane and he said we needed more good kids like me and he was sure i would get it.

  13. Hillbilie says:

    YES! I get a compound bow. Pedro says so.

  14. Redneck says:

    Ask for coal

  15. rtyu says:

    will i get a xbox one

  16. arcticyeti25 says:

    I asked him for a private island and he said I had one of those its fun

  17. Arcticyeti25 says:

    he said I would get a Nook HD!!!!

  18. BoyScout1stclass says:

    He says yes on anything I asks.. XD

  19. KittyWitty:) says:

    LOL! I asked him Tell Pedro what you want for Christmas & he said WHAT?? You want ME for Christmas?!!LOLLLL

  20. ryanjr says:

    Cool,LOL, OMG :)

  21. RTG says:

    Will I ever start a business?

  22. 8/10 says:

    type in money

  23. Anonymous says:

    i typed in coal and he said if a scout deserved it it’s you!

  24. coo-coo says:

    Pedro just says something like “Sorry, I didn’t hear you” and he is ANNOYING!!

  25. XD says:

    dont type in anything

  26. paws says:

    type “rocks”

  27. flarp says:

    say “coal”

  28. nerrup says:

    say “Ipod”

  29. ChickenChomp says:

    Wut is he even saying? Peter Claus O-o

  30. Purpal Famingow says:

    I asked for Pedro and said “If it can snow in my house, i guess anything can happen!”

  31. antwone says:

    How much does a human brain weigh

  32. Leopard geckos are awesome says:

    I would like lots of leopard geckos

  33. turd says:

    he is funny



  35. tkhupw says:

    type in for pedro to shut up!

  36. Guy 1 says:

    Why doesn’t this thing work?!!

  37. whowhowhom says:

    it doesn’t work at all. can someone give me a little advice on how to do it. If i type something in he says “didn’t hear that”

  38. legoman says:

    I pressed go and he was wrighting down his own list!!! :D

  39. WHAT!!!!???? says:

    I asked for a limo but he said if there was a merit badge for wanting to much I would get
    it! lolololololololololol

  40. lolo says:

    tipe in be irritated

  41. xin says:

    We need lots of food for our church food pantry…we had to turn away families because we ran out of food.

  42. star wars fan says:

    pedro sed he uasd to have a limo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. gego says:

    tipe in legos

  44. godlover11202 says:

    I put in told him to shut up! He said: WHAT YOU WANT THAT?!? NO WAY! lol

  45. mezmolover01 says:

    I typed in “Wii U Deluxe set”, and he said he used to have one of those(or at least he thinks…=P).=P

  46. Jonut says:

    I typed:for you to be quiet, and he said if there was a merit badge for asking for too much, I got it. :D LOL cant be quiet

  47. the joester says:

    type in Pedro

  48. sdfvh nadlhvazsiudb says:

    type in coal

    • purple bird says:

      first time i did it he said you’re kidding me. the next time, he said he was too busy writing down names. This just proves it’s random! PEECHTIVAL!

      • puzzlehpmaster says:

        he said how is santa supposed to do that! hes not a millionare! IT IS RANDOM COAL ISNT EXSPENSIVE

  49. purple bird says:

    Oh wow. If this is supposed to be like Boss Around Pedro, it’s not. You don’t even have to type anything in, you can just press go! PEECHTIVAL!

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