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Pay It Forward

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  1. papa paun says:

    I love the Boys life magizine because it has a lot of thing in it.

  2. Snowman says:

    The Scouts have come a long way. Great job from Troop 113! Nice work for the community in New Jersey.

  3. Comm Chair says:

    This troop traveled about 45 miles to the beach the scouts were assigned to clean up. A scout is HELPFUL! That’s scout spirit. Way to go guys – nice job.

  4. EagleMan says:

    Great Job guys!! That’s what it’s ALL about! Be a part of the community by helping it!!!

  5. Hunter says:

    It was a fun day, I wish we could go back and help more.

  6. EagleMan says:

    GREAT JOB SCOUTS!!! That’s what it’s all about…you ARE part of the community… help it!

  7. proudofthem says:

    What else would you expect! Great job Troop 113!


    All in a days work for Scouts! Great photo and a lifelong memory!

  9. 113 SPL says:

    there was so much garbage on the shore, glade we could do something about it! thanks to our scout who set it up! :)

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