Comments about “Download a free Pedro poster”

  1. boys life dude says:

    This poster is epic. May the milkshake be with you!

  2. Pikachu garfield says:

    I love this poster I`m talkin to my mom to let me download it it is so funny and rad.

  3. Pikachu garfield says:

    I love the Pedro poster

  4. Ash Kethum says:

    I love Pedro comics they are my favorite comic ever I am really happy whenever I recieve a Boys` life magizine I go crazy.

  5. Ash Kethum says:

    I love the Pedro comics it is my favorite comic in all the world. thats why I love to recieve Boys` life.

  6. fire fist says:

    whats your favrote star wars move or game?

  7. pixarboy1999 says:

    It’s Pee Wee D2

  8. pedrorocks says:

    that is so it’s cool.

  9. de cool one says:

    best thing ever

  10. p guy says:

    i want to get it

  11. swordsmaster says:

    Pedro… You must confront the Boss if you are to be an Ice Cream Knight… Remember- use the Alfalfa…

  12. Shinyfireredmaster961 says:

    Very cool! I like Star wars, so it is awesome!

  13. thebronzeeagle says:

    May the alfalfa be with you

  14. nascarfrk says:

    The poster is awesome!!!!

  15. phantom says:

    i think its cool

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