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Winter at Northern Tier

Okpik at the Northern Tier High Adventure Bases is not a winter survival camp. Okpik is a winter fun camp. Watch these videos to get a taste of Okpik fun.

Ski School video

waterski-200x148Wisconsin Scouts go from fish out of water to seasoned skiers during one weekend with a water-ski show team. Watch video of them performing in front of a live crowd.

Video of Troop 007’s curling match

curling-200x148Watch video of the Scouts of Troop 007 in Lewiston, Me., spending a day last February at Maine's Belfast Curling Club learning and competing in a curling match.

Troop 973’s adventure on rails

Scouts from Troop 973, Chicago, Ill., spend a day riding the motor cars of the historic Appanoose County Community Railroad while working on their Railroading merit badge and putting their own car on the tracks for the first time.

Uniforms of the Future

futurecub-promo.jpgWhat do you think Cub Scouts will be wearing in years to come? A hat that can be used as a stove? Rocket shoes for a quick escape from danger?

Camping with company

Gators, rattlers and water moccasins…Florida Scouts find the Everglades is much more than a river of grass.

Into the Darkness

Armed only with helmets and headlamps, Scouts head into the deep, black emptiness.…

An Eagle in Antarctica

Eagle Scout Ben Pope wasn't as out of place as you might think. Turns out his Scout training served him well during his time near the South Pole.