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Disney Infinity 3.0 game review

This fall, it's Star Wars everything! Sure, The Force Awakens movie is getting most of the hype, but Disney Infinity 3.0 deserves plenty, too.

MLB The Show 15

There’s no more rewarding way to get to know all the baseball players and all the legendary American stadiums than with MLB 15 The Show.

The 2014 Boysie Videogame Awards

boysie-200x148So many incredible videogames came out this year that narrowing them down to the best was tough work. But let the trumpets sound: Here are the Boysies!

Super Smash Bros. Review

Super Smash Bros. ScreenshotSuper Smash Bros. isn't just a cool game. Most of the fighting games in this lengthy series have been fun, but there's so much to this particular entry — it's almost incredible.

FIFA 15 Review

nhl15-200x148FIFA 15 has incredible graphics, improved goalkeeper physics and the best-in-sports online experience. It's the greatest soccer game I’ve ever played.

Madden NFL 15 game review

madden-200x148Exciting! That's the word that most perfectly describes Madden 15. Yes, it has several minor flaws, but the improvements will wow you.

Best of the E3 2014 gaming conference

e3-200x148Another E3 has come and gone. But the constant thrill of walking through aisles and witnessing the some of the finest games world has to offer remains. Here's the Games Guru's Best of E3.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe game review

kirby-200x148Kirby: Triple Deluxe stars one of my favorite Nintendo characters, Kirby. The lovable, round puffball has magical powers galore, including the ability to swallow objects, spit them out or use their properties to defend himself. There's something about Kirby that always keeps me coming back for more.

Mario Golf: World Tour game review

mario-200x148Somewhere between an arcade game and a simulation, Mario Golf: World Tour lets you play on courses that sometimes look real and sometimes are inspired by Nintendo games.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game review

fifa-200x148If you've never played a FIFA game before, the many features in FIFA World Cup Brazil will get you going. But for those who play FIFA a decent amount, EA needs to find a way to better emulate the fervent excitement and wild patriotism of a real World Cup match.

MLB 14: The Show game review

mlb-200x148MLB 14: The Show proves that if you innovate with loving care, you can do great things with a video game series that's seen so many installments.

The Lego Movie Videogame game review

lego-200x148The Lego Movie has been a massive success, and most of that has to do with its heart. The question is, does The Lego Movie Videogame have the same heart?

Wii Fit U game review

wiifitu-200x148The idea of playing a videogame to get in shape is a great one. But in trying to be all things to all people, Wii Fit U becomes a kind of mish-mosh. Still, Wii Fit U works decently and is fun.

The 2013 Boysie Awards

boysie-200x148It’s awards time! This year, there were so many outstanding games that giving out the Boysies was the hardest process in recent memory. There were more games to consider with the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. But cue the fanfare: Here are The Boysies!

Xbox One game console review

xbox-200x148Even though the experience can be wondrous, it's hard to talk definitively about the wonders of the Xbox One. That's because Xbox One is still a work in progress. So, should you buy it now or wait until they iron things out?

PlayStation 4 game console review

ps4-200x148aIt's huge question: Should you buy the new PlayStation 4 game console? The short answer: Yes, definitely. But maybe not quite yet. Let's take a deeper look.

Pokémon X and Y game review

pokemon-200x148Pokémon X and Y offer some of deepest play you can get in a game today. If you want value and excitement, this intelligent re-imagining of Pokémon is the way to go this fall.

Rayman Legends game review

rayman-200x148Awesome. Yes, indeed. You’re going to feel a sense of awe early in Rayman Legends. Awe about the beautiful artwork. Awe about the generally well-balanced game play. Awe about the sweeping, stirring music. And it’s going to stay with you throughout the game.

Disney Infinity game review

disney-200x148A few years ago, Skylanders — with its adventure game and action figures — came out of nowhere to become a big best-seller. Now Skylanders has a challenger called Disney Infinity. Is it a worthy competitor? The Games Guru has the answer.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf game review

animalcross-promoDespite a few flaws, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a constantly engaging simulation for the Nintendo 3DS that’s great for everybody in the family and rarely fails to surprise.

Best of the E3 2013 gaming conference

e3-promoE3 has come and gone, and one thing is clear: The next generation consoles and games will transport you to a level of realism you’ve never seen before. Of course, no one has played these games through to the finish. But from my Guru’s eye view, here are the 10 most promising games of E3.
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