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Spore game review

There's been a lot of hype about Spore, the big new game from Will Wright and his hardworking crew at Electronic Arts. It’s supposed to be the biggest thing he’ll ever do. But does Spore live up to the hype?

Beijing 2008 game review

Sega's Beijing 2008 keeps the excitement of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games alive with a game full of 38 Olympic events. But does Sega win a gold medal? Find out in this video game review.

Madden NFL 09 preview

It’s Madden’s 20th anniversary. And, boy, the game has come a long way since John Madden and Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins conceived of the game on a long train ride in the mid-1980s.

News from the E3 2008 gaming conference

DAY 4, JULY 17: E3 is just about over. Overall, this was Sony’s year to shine (even though their press conference was underwhelming). In no particular order, here’s a look at some of the best games of E3 2008.

LEGO Indiana Jones game review

Like the LEGO Star Wars games, you have the task of finding and collecting pieces of LEGO in a big, cute world in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.

Mario Kart Wii game review

mariokart-200x148.jpgThis is the most enjoyable racing game of the year. Tear through 32 wacky courses or race online with other Mario Kart fans from around the world.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game review

pokemon3.jpgReady to transform into a Pokemon? These two brand-new games put you into the skin of one of 16 Pokemon as you play a twisting, turning adventure full of dungeons to explore.

Play ball! Reviews of baseball video games

baseball-200x148.jpgIt’s going to be an exciting year for real-life baseball and an exciting one for video-game baseball, too. Here's the Games Guru's review of two of the hottest baseball video games.

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure game review

zack-200x148.jpgZack & Wiki is a very solid game that requires a lot of brain work and not much in the way of twitch and reflexes. This game isn’t for everybody, but if you enjoy knocking your head against some really fun puzzles, you’ll definitely get a charge out of it.

The 2007 Boysie Awards

Actors get Oscars, singers get Grammys and video games get awards from Boys’ Life: THE BOYSIES. The Boysies are dedicated to the age-old proverb that video games don’t have to be gross to be cool.

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe game review

spiderman-200×148.jpgSpider-Man: Friend or Foe is a well-made version of an old game-playing experience. It’s a bit on the short side, but the two-player aspect adds replay value.

Ready for some football?

football-200×148.jpgSo many football video games, so little time. Here are reviews of the latest releases to help you choose the game that’s right for you.

Picross DS game review

picross-thumb.jpgWith incredibly fun puzzles and a timer to keep players hopping, this game gets your brain working.

PaRappa the Rapper game review

parappathumb.jpgThis game kicked off the rhythm game craze, and it's still great. The re-release is loaded with fun and funny music and graphics. But it's a fairly short game that many players will beat in a day.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game review

poke1-200×148.jpgThe best thing about Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl is that they look and feel like a good old Pokemon game. But the new monsters are not especially cool.

A Pokemon Primer

poke3-200×148.jpgOn the off chance that some of you have spent the past 10 years trapped in an outer space vortex, here is a brief explanation of Pokemon and Pokemon games.

A little gaming history

Inventor playing first video gameWatch a 1969 video of inventor Ralph Baer playing with a prototype of the first home video game console ever made.

The 2006 Boysie Awards

Actors get Oscars, singers get Grammys and video games get awards from Boys' Life: THE BOYSIES. The Boysies are dedicated to the age-old proverb that video games don't have to be gross to be cool.