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Go Green!

What you’re doing to Go Green!

gogreen-200x148Conservation and responsible outdoorsmanship is a huge part of being a Scout. Here are some of the things that readers have told us they are doing or plan to do to GO GREEN!

Go Green! Whiz Quiz

green1The BL Go Green! series is wrapping up, and by now you're probably a whiz on going green. But you're just one person -- does it really matter what you do? Put your Go Green! know-how to the test and see how your everyday decisions can add up.

BL Go Green Heroes

Throughout the year, Boys' Life has profiled those who are making a difference for the environment. Read about these Go Green! heroes.

The Earth-friendly community of the future

Welcome to the green, Earth-friendly community of the future. For the past seven months, we have told you how to Go Green! Here's what our world might look like once we have all gone green. Imagine the possibilities.

Hot Spot

Feeling a little warm lately? The 10 hottest years in recorded history have occurred since 1991. 2005 topped the charts. And animals are feeling the heat.

How to make twig pencils

twig-200x148Twig pencils are fun, easy and cheap to make. And the expressions on your friends’ faces when you start scribbling with a stick will be writetious!

Growing Plants Without Dirt

Plants don't need soil as long as they have five things: food, water, light, air and support. You can provide all five in a hydroponic garden. Here's how to create your own.

Thinking Outside the Recycling Box

Wait! Don't just throw that bottle in the recycling bin. You could use it to build your own private island. Across the globe, people are coming up with remarkable -- and sometimes zany -- new ways to help our environment. Here are some of our favorites.

From Sea to Not-so-Shining Sea

ocean4-200x148.jpgMouth-watering seafood. Beach and water adventure. A convenient, vast waste dump. Oceans have provided us many things over the centuries, but we are pushing them beyond their limits. Here’s a look at what’s going on in our oceans and how you can help.

Cool Wheels, Cool Fuels, Cooler Planet

greencars-200x148.jpgMore than 240 million vehicles are on America's roads today, burning a lot of gasoline and creating a lot of pollution. Eventually, vehicles that use no gas could help us drive into a greener, eco-friendlier future. See a slideshow of some of them.

Plant a compact vegetable garden

garden-200x148What makes this compact garden so productive is that you will be placing plants close together in squares instead of traditional rows. You can continue to plant as you harvest.

Getting a Green Grip

globe21.gifGet a grip on what it means to go green. Get the basics on what's going on with the environment.

William T. Hornaday Awards

hornaday-200x148.jpgThe Hornaday awards recognize Scouts who complete a series of truly exceptional conservation projects. Here are some of the requirements, plus a list of winners since 2000.

Solar-powered cooking

solar-200×148.jpgYou don’t need four burners and a gas line to make some great-tasting trail food.

What you can do

gogreen-youdo-200x148.jpgWe are all part of the problem. Here are some easy things you can do to be a part of the solution.

Grow plants indoors

grow-200x148You don’t have to wait for the right season to plant your flower and vegetable seeds. Grow plants indoors any time of year with this easy project.

Build a bat house

bathouse-200x148Use these plans to create a mini-habitat for some of North America's most misunderstood—yet valuable—creatures.

Build a worm bed

worm-200x148Have you ever wished you could dig money out of the ground? In a way you can. Raising worms in a small worm farm can make you extra money during the summer.