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Hobbies & Projects

Hobbies, projects, art and crafts. Get science project ideas, fun kids projects and great activities to do with children.

How to skip rocks

A stone-skipping expert shares his tips to help you successfully skip rocks.

Learn Guitar from a Pro

Do you want to learn how to be a rockstar? Learning to play guitar requires a lot of practice, but getting lessons from a professional teacher can help get you there faster.

Make a whistle

whistle-200x148Make a whistle that you can use to signal, play a tune or just show off your carving skills.

Use nature to make great gifts

walnut-photo_main.jpgMother’s Day is coming up. Show your mom just how great she is by making her a gift inspired by Mother Nature herself! Topped off with a homemade card, it will be a present Mom will never forget.

How to make a camera-phone stabilizer

stabilizer-200x148To take great smartphone photos, you need to hold your phone steady. This simple, easy-to-build smartphone stabilizer is one way to make sure your cellphone photos and videos will be shake-free.

100 awesome pinewood derby cars of 2014

Pinewood derby carsNeed some inspiration for your pinewood derby car design? readers have sent us photos of amazing pinewood derby cars. Take a look at some of our favorites sent to us in 2014.

Minecraft cars in the pinewood derby

minecraft-promoMinecraft-themed pinewood derby cars are super popular this year. In pinewood derbies across the country, Cub Scouts are racing Steve, Enderman and Creeper cars inspired by the Minecraft video game.

Pedro’s Nitro Derby

nitroderby-200x148Collect nitro boosts as you race your car on nine challenging courses in Pedro's Nitro Derby.

How to build a pet-bowl stand

petbowl-200x148Step-by-step directions for building a raised pet-bowl stand to provide a comfortable place for your dog or cat to eat and drink.

How to snag a baseball

baseball-200×148.jpgHow often have you gone to a baseball game hoping to catch a ball that goes into the stands? Here are five tips to help improve your odds of success.

Make a paracord watchband or bracelet

paracord-200x148A paracord watchband makes a great gift or can be used as a survival tool. Unraveled, it provides about 10 feet of handy paracord for fixing tent lines or tying together broken gear. You can even use the line inside the cord for fishing line.

How to make a twig table

twigtable-200x148Twig, or bent willow, furniture was popular in the United States and England during the 19th century. With a few tools and some twigs and branches, you can make this durable rustic table today.

100 spectacular Pinewood Derby cars of 2013

cars-promoLooking for some amazing pinewood derby car design ideas? readers have sent us photos of some incredible pinewood derby cars. Take a look at some of our favorites sent to us in 2013.
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