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What the hair spray said

Connor: What did the hair spray say to the hair when it got back from vacation? Jim: What? Connor: “I mist

A cat that bowls

Caleb: What do you call a cat that bowls? John: I don’t know. Caleb: An alley

What kind of coat

Ryan: What kind of coat won’t keep you warm? Joseph: I dunno. Ryan: A coat of

Where a pawn goes

Bill: Where does a pawn go for higher education? Fred: Where? Bill: Knight

A dog and a tree

Michael: What do a dog and a tree have in common? Mick: I don’t know. Michael: Their

A shoe and a cookie

John: What do you get when you cross a shoe and a cookie? Luke: I don’t know. John:

The fish had a huge phone

Matthew: Why did the fish have such a huge phone bill? Sam: Tell me. Matthew: Once he was on the line, he couldn’t get
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