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More than 2,000 funny jokes and clean jokes submitted by kids. All jokes are clean, funny and appropriate for children. Check out the Joke of the Day and the 25 most-popular jokes.

What the squirrel said

Fred: What did the squirrel say when it fell out of the tree? Owen: I don’t know. Fred: “Oh,

A smart lamp

Bob: What do you call a smart lamp? Jon: What? Bob:

A teacher and a train

Jonathan: How are a teacher and a train alike? Jack: How? Jonathan: They both have steam coming out of their

A watchmaker and a jailkeeper

Andrew: What’s the difference between a watchmaker and a jailkeeper? Adam: Tell me. Andrew: One watches cells, and the other sells

Camouflage training

Drill Sergeant: I didn’t see you at camouflage training today. Private Jones: Thank

Jokes about sodium

Joe: I’ve got a question for you. Dave: Shoot. Joe: Do you know any jokes about sodium? Dave:

What the hair spray said

Connor: What did the hair spray say to the hair when it got back from vacation? Jim: What? Connor: “I mist

A cat that bowls

Caleb: What do you call a cat that bowls? John: I don’t know. Caleb: An alley

What kind of coat

Ryan: What kind of coat won’t keep you warm? Joseph: I dunno. Ryan: A coat of

Where a pawn goes

Bill: Where does a pawn go for higher education? Fred: Where? Bill: Knight
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