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Outdoors & Gear

Guide to camping, hiking and other outdoor sports and adventures. Includes buying guides for tents, camping gear, sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment.

How to buy a backpack

What size do I need? How much should I pay? Internal or external? The Gear Guy has answers to help you pick the perfect pack.

Did bug spray melt my watch?

Dear Gear Guy, I got bug spray all over the face of my watch and there is a dirty residue on the face of the watch. How do I remove it?

Stuff We Like: Jetboil MiniMo

For a quick boil in camp, our JetBoil system has never failed us. So we're excited for the new-for-2015 JetBoil MiniMo system.

Tent buying guide

Valuable tent buying tips, plus a look at a few of our favorite new tents.

How to skip rocks

A stone-skipping expert shares his tips to help you successfully skip rocks.

Cure flappy tents

We went camping on the beach last weekend. The wind blew all night long and made our tents flap like crazy. Any advice?

How to clean a sticky knife

knife-200x148Q. Whenever I go camping I always cut oranges with my knife. But then my knife sticks and is hard to get open. What is the best way to de-stick my knife?

Binoculars buying guide

binoc.jpgPick the right binoculars, and it’s a cinch to bring far things close. We’ll show you how.

First-aid kit buying guide

What should you include in your first-aid kit? Be prepared with advice and checklists to help you get the best first-aid kit for your next adventure.

A good, durable camp saw

Sven SawI want to buy a camp saw that will really last. Something that can take a beating. It doesn’t need to be lightweight for packing since we usually drive to our campsites. Any suggestions?

Socks buying guide

socks-200x148A good pair of socks is one of the best things a Scout can give his feet. Here's a guide to buying socks.

Sleeping gear buying guide

Get a good night sleep on your next camp out with the Gear Guy's handy guide to sleeping pads, bag liners, pillows and cots.

Repairing a sleeping bag

My dad gave me an old Marmot sleeping bag, and it has two small holes in it and some down feathers are coming out. The sleeping bag works just fine, but how do I stop the feathers from coming out?

Sleeping bag buying guide

sleeping.jpgSleep comes easy when you have the right sleeping bag for the job. Here are some tips to help you pick a sleeping bag.

Hiking boot buying guide

Boots are, without a doubt, the most important piece of gear you take on the trail. They will make or break your trip. So before you buy your next pair, here are some things to consider.

Two-way radio buying guide

radio-200×148.jpgPicking the right two-way radios for you and your unit is simple when you know what to look for. We’ll show you how.

Prevent chafing on the trail

boxers-200x148My troop just went on a weekend camp-out. After we climbed this big hill, I started chafing in my groin area. It itched so bad, it was really uncomfortable. My friends were making fun of me because I was adjusting my underwear all weekend. How do I prevent chafing?

Cold weather hats

balaclavaWhat is the best hat to hold in the heat while hiking in the snow or really cold weather?

Fast-drying boots

boots-200x148I'm going to Northern Tier High Adventure Base this summer and need a pair of boots that can dry quickly. They need to be light, closed-toe, fast-drying and fast-draining, considering I might be walking in water. What's the best choice?

Fix a torn stuff sack

Q. I'm having problems with the stuff sack that holds my backpacking tent. It's wearing out on the bottom, and I was wondering what would fix it.

Choosing a kayak

I am looking to buy a kayak but there are so many possibilities. Which one should I pick? Help me!

Good base layer to keep warm?

Q. Hello Gear Guy, My friends wear Under Armour with shorts and a T-shirt and say they are warm when it is 30 degrees out. Meanwhile I’m freezing with long johns and my uniform and a jacket on! I was considering buying Under Armour. They give me a choice of silk or polyester, which one keeps me warmer? Do you have suggestions of any other products besides Under Armour?
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