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How to cook deep-fried Oreos

Beast Feast, held every Monday night during summer camp at Cole Canoe Base in Michigan, is billed as the largest outdoor cooking demonstration in Scouting. And they’re not kidding.

Write a funny caption for this video

puppy-200x148What’s going on in this video? What are those puppies doing, and what are they thinking? Write your funniest caption for this video and we’ll post it for everyone to read.

Reaching for the Summit

Walter Sterling is about to take off. Sitting in a harness at the top of a giant hill, all he can see ahead of him is foggy air and the zip line that will take him down the

How to prevent and treat blisters

blister-200x148There's nothing better than hiking or backpacking in the great outdoors, but a blister can quickly ruin your day. Here are tips for how to avoid getting blisters and how to treat them.

How to pack a backpack

backpack-200x148-1VIDEO: Backpacking can be hard, but here are some ways you can make it easier by packing the right way.

Scouts help raise puppy to become a guide dog

puppy-200x148For almost one year, Life Scout Quinn Schneider and his family had a black Lab puppy named Kajsa. They helped to raise her and train her to become a guide dog and help others. Then they had to say goodbye.

How to fit a backpack

backpack-200x148Watch as Eagle Scout Jon Almquist, who works for national outdoors retailer REI, shows you how to fit a backpack in this exclusive BL video.

Canoeing through Bowron Lake Provincial Park

bowron-promoSee photos of Troop 136's canoeing trek through Canada's Bowron Lake Provincial Park, where they found majestic mountains, remarkable rivers and lovely lakes. And plenty of paddling.

The Scout Brigade Of Fort George Looks Great

ScoutBrigadeThe Scout Brigade at Fort George features thousands of Scouts from both countries honoring those who fought in the War of 1812 and to also celebrate the centuries of peace that have followed.

Learn to tie knots

knots-200x148Step-by-step videos to help you learn to tie a bowline, clove hitch, diagonal lashing and other useful knots and lashings.

How to care for hiking boots

boots-200x148VIDEO: Boots are one of the most important pieces of gear you'll take on the trail. A worn-out pair can make you miserable. So take care of your footwear, and it'll take care of you.

Video of a day at the West Point Camporee

westpoint-200x148The West Point Camporee is held one weekend each spring near Lake Frederick, N.Y., not far from the United States Military Academy. Actual West Point cadets -- most of them former Scouts -- put the thousands of Scouts, Venturers and Girl Scouts through some basic training at dozens of stations.

Meet the pro who helps NFL players look good

cooljobs-200x148Kevin Byrne is in charge of media relations and promotions for the Baltimore Ravens. His job is to help NFL stars shine when they're off the field. He coaches the players on the 'other' skills they need, like talking to the media, communicating with fans and generating publicity for their charities.

Scouts have a blast at the Top Shot camporee

topshot-200x148Roughly 200 Scouts from the Three Rivers District of the Greater Alabama Council had a blast as they fired shotguns, rifles, pistols and BB guns during the Top Shot camporee last spring at Frank Spain Scout Reservation.
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