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How to build a survival shelter

survival-200x148Being prepared to live — and live well — when you’re far from the comforts of home starts with being able to take effective shelter from the elements.

How to build an igloo

iglooThe best-known snow shelter is the igloo. A brilliant use of engineering and resources, this simple dome made out of snow blocks is both strong and versatile.

Catch a snowflake and keep it forever

snow-job_main.jpgSnowflakes are among nature's most beautiful and short-lived creations. Yet there is a way to preserve these fragile wonders to study or admire them anytime you wish.

How to build a quinzee snow shelter

quinzee-200×148.jpgA quinzee is a simple shelter made by hollowing out a big pile of snow. They can take several hours to build, but are an effective way to stay warm when camping in the winter. Here's how to build one.

Fun games to play in the snow

snow-promoStaying safe on a winter outing is hard work, but that doesn't mean there won't be time for fun. Here are a few activities we came up with. Can you think of more?