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En Garde! Venturing fencers in action

Many of the members of Venturing Crew 1826 in Illinois have been together since they were Cub Scouts. After crossing over into Boy Scouts, they added fencing to their resume of high-adventure activities.

They got the idea to pursue fencing from one of the Scout’s dads, who had fenced a little in college and volunteered to coach the Venturers’ team. Since then, it has been almost all fencing, all the time.

Watch this video to get a taste of the crew’s experience with the sport of fencing.

Want to learn more about fencing? Check out the November 2009 issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

11 Comments on En Garde! Venturing fencers in action

  1. I love fencing! But there’s no fencing leaques around my area….

  2. I’m an intermediate level fencer, and it is pretty awesome… I mainly do foil fencing, but I hope to eventually work up to saber fencing… and believe me, folks… if you pitted a standard-level fencer against a duelist from the Star Wars movies, I’m afraid that the duelists would lose quickly…
    -a fencing scout

  3. I do fencing! It is very fun! You are good at it!

  4. fencing is cool!you can learn how to sword fight!

  5. I’m not into fencing that much. It looks fun though:-}

  6. awasome

  7. I took a fencing class so I can fence a little bit…just not that good. I like fencing with the foil. It’s easier to poke than slash.
    —(~ <– That's supposed to be a fencing sword…

  8. I like it. I want to try it. Thank

  9. cool i wish i could do fencing!

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