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Join Scouting Video Contest

Rylan T., of Greenville, Ky., was the first place winner in the Boy Scout category of our Join Scouting Video Contest. He was among nearly 100 Scouts who took our challenge and made a commercial to convince his friends to join Scouting.

Click here to see the other winners or to check out all of the entries.

Comments about “Join Scouting Video Contest”

  1. epicgamer says:

    love the video very good that i showed it to my friend and he joined scoutting!

  2. scoutman a1 says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

  3. 100acrewood says:

    Very creative. I wish mine was like that.

  4. legoboy says:

    That is Awesome

  5. oasis245 says:

    A very inspirational video. Thanks for putting it together. :)

  6. Tyler says:

    Oh. I see

  7. woyo12 says:

    Now thats realy wath scouting about

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