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Extreme roller coasters

The Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, launches thrill-seekers to speeds of 120 m.p.h. in less than four seconds. After climbing 420 feet into the air and spiraling 270 degrees toward the finish, the entire rides is over in just 17 seconds.

See what it’s like to ride the Top Thrill Dragster by watching the video above. Then check out the June 2010 issue of Boys’ Life for more of the newest, most extreme, record-breaking roller coasters around.

Comments about “Extreme roller coasters”

  1. Pixarboy1999 says:

    It felt like you were riding on it!

  2. johnny says:

    thats so cool

  3. Sciencedud says:

    I’m going on that coster

  4. lego dude says:


  5. warnoe says:

    im going this summer

  6. cool dude says:

    wow that is awsome

  7. james bond says:

    go to worlds of fun in kansas city it has seven rollercoasters

  8. butterball says:

    I want to go ther this summer.

  9. kbsugarrush says:


  10. rat says:

    There is no way anyone can drag me on there!

  11. nater says:

    Wow. You can’t pay me all the money in the entire Earth!

  12. Ezekiel says:

    holy cow! it may not be a long ride but it goes really fast and reslly high up

  13. ghost 200 says:

    My dad went on that roller coaster

  14. Scouting101 says:

    Wow! :O

  15. smiley 33 says:

    i heard that the ride sometimes doesn’t go compltely up the first hill!:O

  16. LTGEN says:

    how was that filmed

  17. pbj says:

    my dad rode it and couldnt stand up for like half an hour

  18. Happy scout says:

    If I went on that … ohh i would be sick as a dog .But the ride looks fun

  19. dude says:

    the video was bad the camera was shaking too much

  20. CDK says:

    That didn’t look that bad. Though if that video were playing at the omnitheater in the Science Museum of Minnesota, then it might be, WILL be, horrible.

  21. Collihondro says:

    Were Is this place I would like to go after I come back from the Jamboree

  22. I DO says:


  23. unidude says:

    it may not look scary- but looks can be deciving…

  24. killer says:

    I realy want to ride.

  25. MR. A says:

    Totally awesome !!!!

  26. Roller Coaster Fan 21 says:

    I’m going there this summer :)

  27. Killer says:

    can I Ride

  28. trickster says:

    That is totally wicked!!

  29. Jasper says:

    Hmmm not real scary but quick

  30. billybob says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    Wow I wanna ride it

  32. evildude says:

    makes me nauseated

  33. A Boy says:

    Where are the others?

  34. Jovy says:

    Where is the other extreme roller coaster videos!?

  35. johnnyapplepants says:

    this is a very nice short ride I went on it. it is fun

  36. noah says:

    I want to ride it now!

  37. wwwwooowww says:

    where r the rest of the videos!!!???

  38. cool dude says:

    that is sick

  39. Bob says:

    i wish it was longer

  40. Anonymous says:

    is there any more videos!!1

  41. freak dirt bike rider nerd! says:

    Holy wow that is awesome! me likey!

  42. LL Cool J says:

    This ride is AWESOME!! I’ve ridden it.

  43. bobjoebob says:

    I wanna try it!!!!

  44. bob jo billy bob jo says:


  45. Ripper88 says:

    This is the most awesome roller coaster you can ever ride! Just rode it yesterday

  46. moja4352 says:

    wow! totally goin there!

  47. zack says:

    thats the fastest roller coaster tat i been on

  48. Rock says:

    Cool 8)

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