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Watch the Scouting race car in action

The Boy Scouts of America’s No. 19 IndyCar is participating in the 17-race IZOD IndyCar series this year. Driven by former Scout Alex Lloyd, the BSA car is helping to bring the message of Scouting to thousands of race fans around the country.

Check out the above video to get a taste of the excitement of racing or visit to find out more.

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Comments about “Watch the Scouting race car in action”

  1. scout crazy says:

    it was at the indy 500 yesterday

  2. Skinny Willy says:

    when will we see the BSA race car, where does the BSA train go through

  3. litt98 says:

    I am in BSA & i thing thats nice to have a racecar & the BSA train

  4. BLuvr says:

    where is this????????

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