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How I Became a Comic Page Hero

EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview was conducted at the Boys’ Life editorial offices by a reporter brave enough (OK, OK, truth is, The Boss made him) to spend more than five minutes in close quarters with the subject.

Regular readers of the comic page “Pee Wee Harris” will recognize the interviewee’s charming little — how shall this be put? — faults. And new readers will find that Scout Harris likes to talk — a lot — and sometimes forgets details when he tells a story. Also, he gets excited and SHOUTS.

If you have a friend like Pee Wee, you’ll understand and, like everyone, be forgiving.

And now (brace yourself), the interview. …



75 Comments on How I Became a Comic Page Hero

  1. If Pee Wee doesn’t want to brag, then why does he go on and on about himself?

  2. this is boring because i cant wath it .

  3. the thing are good and it’s fun.

  4. Pee Wee has changed over the years.

  5. hahahahahaha pee wee sounds licke a teenaeger

  6. that is realy entrsting

  7. Very Funny…… coming from a bored 15 year old girl thats saying something

  8. Hahahahah funny!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Eaglescout414 // February 22, 2011 at 7:49 pm // Reply

    Good voice over, Preston. Proud to say, coming from an Eaglescout! :p

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