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Slip into a rare granite cave

A group of Boy Scouts from Troop 709 in Morgan Hill, Calif., explore Millerton Cave, a mile-long underground passage full of twists and turns, cold water too deep to stand in and narrow, I-can-barely-squeeze-through-there sections, not far from Yosemite National Park in central California.

Take a look at the following video of the Scouts exploring the cave, and then find out more in the May 2011 issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

Above Ground Preparedness
The Scouts wore wetsuits to protect them from the cold water, harnesses to keep them from falling and helmets to protect their brains.

The Descent
The entrance to Millerton Cave is no more than a crack in the ground, followed by a descent into total darkness.

Tight Spaces
Millerton Cave presents a variety of challenges, including tight squeezes, tight crawls, and more tight squeezes.

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  1. pokemon is great!:) says:

    That must be fun was it a hard way out?was it like a one way path to the end:?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Next time get a permit. It’s the first rule of caving. Respect the landowner.

  3. skateboarding_is_awesome says:

    i want to do that :)

  4. lololorry2860 says:


  5. frjec says:

    what where the ages of the youngest scout?

  6. anonymous says:

    Thats sounds fun !

  7. Awesomeness says:

    Wow I wished I was in that troop in California. :(

  8. jo says:

    to throuh its noteasy

  9. Tightsqueezemaster says:

    Millerton cave is one of the best caving experiences that I have ever had. There truly are a wide variety of challenges and when you add in how slick the rock gets from the water that you get into. Nothing but fun.

  10. spelunker says:

    Been to this cave a bunch of times. It is great! The video did not show the real sqeeze above the entrance pool since the camera would not fit thru it! There are some really tight ones!

  11. Anonymous says:

    This was a geat event. The pictures and video do not do it justice. The pools at the bottom are large enough to swim through and for an adult it is a very tight squeeze in some places. The boys always have a great time. The pools, holes and cracks carved out of ganite makes this a challenging/fun event for all.

  12. Cave Crazy says:

    Millerton Cave is the best cave that I’ve ever been to!

  13. MOONMAN200 says:


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