Amazing Lego creations

Amazing Lego Creation – 11

Amazing Lego Creation - 11

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  1. mr.webelo says:

    i think you should be a lego desiner

  2. 100acrewood says:

    I would submit that to the Lego company as a package idea!

  3. Lt.kelt says:

    They shoud put that in lego land

  4. Sammy says:

    awsome baseball arena.

  5. Random Kid says:

    How did they make that? Also how many lego peices are there?
    How many mini figures are there?
    So cool and way 2 cool

  6. Mr.Nintendo says:


  7. big bob says:

    sweet. who playing?

  8. big bob says:

    whats the score?

  9. JDK11 says:


  10. CD :) says:

    This is realy cool. It cools very realistic. I could image a ball flying out of the park and it hitting me it the face! Keep up the good work (if person who made this is reading this)!

  11. paibeep says:

    this is really cool! is the field tiles? how many guys do you have?! i want to make somthing like this!

  12. jo says:

    oh my gosh! lol! How did you build this!?!

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