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Boys’ Life in another 100 years

Every month, you have the chance to ask Pedro questions in the Hitchin’ Rack. But earlier this year, it was PEDRO’S turn to ask YOU a question. Dozens of you made videos answering his question for a chance to win a cool prize.

The question: In 100 years, what will readers see in Boys’ Life?

All of the entries were great, but here are the four videos that the judges picked as winners. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who participated.

Click here for more information about the contest.

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  1. usafdude says:

    i typed so long and it never appeared

  2. it wont says:

    why does everybody say that technology will advance up to a great level? what if it doesnt?

  3. mr.awesome says:

    robot one is weird

  4. Why says:

    Doesn’t work!

  5. CubScout25 says:

    ha! ha! ha! ha! :D

  6. MOONMAN200 says:


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