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  1. Pilgrim says:

    For those who can’t view the video, the knots video has a pop up that says flash is required to view and it can’t be viewed by mobile devices. Bummer.

  2. Cdog says says:

    I was a little confusing but overall it was helpful.

  3. popcorn says:

    I saw a commercial for “The Edge Of Glory”,which can sharpen a bunch of things.

  4. fart1 says:

    Troop17 is right. its better to go against the edge because there is less of a chance of rounding it off an ruining the edge. @hawkeye, maybe you’re just a boss at sharpening blades.

  5. Delta Force says:

    I worked for Buck Knives for two years and one of my duties was sharpening knives on a leather strop.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is wrong you’re supposed to have the blade pointed away from you while doing this it says so in the boy scout handbook

  7. RCT3 Dude says:

    Good Reminder If You Forget How To Sharpen a Axe or Knife:)

  8. Random person says:

    my knife is so DULL it wont sharpen with a do i sharpen it!please HELP!!!!!

    • hawkeye says:

      get a good qulity pocket gatco sharpener (they sell them at Cabelas)they will sharpen almost anything really well I use them to keep my knives razor sharp (you can alomst shave with my letherman)

    • maddog says:

      how long have you had your knife?

  9. tight says:

    files work faster than stones and if you ever have to cut out a stump sharpening with a stone will take forever

  10. random kid says:

    it really isn’t that easy

  11. HawaiianEagle74 says:

    How is it that we teach our scouts to always cut away from their body but when sharpening an ax they file towards the blade with their hands? Shouldn’t it be taught to get on the other side of the ax and file the same direction as the blade?

    • Troop17 says:

      If you try and sharpen ‘with the blade’ you will likely round over the edge – always sharpen against the edge.

      • hawkeye says:

        i disagree i’ve sharpened my tomahawk with the blade a ton and never had a single problem with it exept now it’s razor sharp and thats a advantage

    • Anonymous says:

      There should be a guard ion the file to protect the hand.

  12. Scouter32 says:

    I love how Boys Life’s website shows you cool stuff like this.

  13. Sniggs says:

    This ax sharpening makes me glad I learned it differently. I agree with burrito about the burr. Try to count the stroke on the first side then repeat on the other. This will give you a good base. You will begin to be able to feel the burr once you have done this a few times. After I finish with the file, I move on to an “ax stone” with some honing oil on it. This will give it a nice touch and it has two sides with diffrent grits to make it even sharper. Lastly, I have been known to use my ax on a barber strop to make it hair splitting.

    Remember that a sharp axe is a safe axe.

  14. Aradern says:

    In the knife sharpening video, the angle is actually 23 degrees, not 30. You should also sharpen each side of the blade the same number of times. NEVER sharpen serration on a whetstone.

  15. halo snipe says:

    where can i find a whetstone?

  16. deagle says:

    nice man:-)

  17. lonhorn_fan8 says:

    did not understand the knife sharpening

  18. red says:

    i also agree with burrito about the burr on the axe

  19. z.w. says:

    Seems very simple.

  20. oldscouter says:

    I have used and sharpened axes for 30 years — I agree with Burrito about the formation of the burr on the axe, and also making one long stroke each time.
    The idea of the log and stakes is a good one. I have never seen it before, and I think it is a good way to go.

  21. Knife Rookie says:

    How often should I sharpen my pocket knife?

  22. GOD says:

    what about using the file properly, you could very easly ruin files the way the video is showing you how

  23. some wierdo says:

    random guy, yuh gotta click on tha thing that sez ax sharpening.

  24. Random Guy says:

    The video won’t play for me either.

  25. knife collector says:

    video wont play.

  26. cool dude says:

    now i know how to sharpen a AXE thanks for the TIPS!

  27. geo says says:

    i can sharpen my pocket knife.Thanks for the tips.

  28. mojo says:

    The axe/hatchet sharpening is correct. The knife sharpening is only partially correct.

    Alternate from one side of the blade to the other. NEVER continuously hone one side of the blade. This creates an uneven bevel.

  29. Anonymous says:

    these are wrong

  30. ziebs says:

    now i can sharpen my pocket knives

  31. Burrito says:

    Axe sharpening info is incomplete. You should mention that a burr will be formed on the opposite side of the blade that you’re filing on, then tell us how to get rid of the burr edge, strop the blade, etc. Also, we were taught to make a long, single file strokes from the near end of the blade to the far end. Your method of filing in small sections most likely will lead to uneven sharpening.

  32. CuriousScout says:

    How long should I sharpen the knife?Mine become very dull.

    • sailingpj says:

      Sharpen it until it is as sharp as you want it. Differences between people, metals, and stones all contribute to differences in how fast a knife gets sharp, and how sharp it gets. What you consider sharp or dull may be different from what I consider sharp and dull.

  33. bb gun says:

    great video and tip

  34. RJ says:

    Very good videos!!

  35. Timo says:

    You can just hold the axe with one hand and sharpen with a whetstone with the other hand if you don’t want to set up the stakes

  36. bob says:

    natitonic the file sharpenz the axe (duh)

  37. xcdrummer says:

    our troop always used wetstones for our axes and stuff. but i think i will tell them to try and use a file next time and see how hat works

  38. StagStar says:

    I never knew you could sharpen an ax with just a filer, log, & tent pegs. I tried it and found out it really works.

  39. wesley says:

    it is facinating to learn about it

  40. Natitonic says:

    oh sorry bout that other comment im just fig. things out here


  41. Natitonic says:

    no offense but, how do you sharpen an ax bye putting it be hind some pegs and a log?

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