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How to sharpen a knife or ax

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  1. CuriousScout // May 27, 2008 at 4:41 pm // Reply

    How long should I sharpen the knife?Mine become very dull.

    • Sharpen it until it is as sharp as you want it. Differences between people, metals, and stones all contribute to differences in how fast a knife gets sharp, and how sharp it gets. What you consider sharp or dull may be different from what I consider sharp and dull.

  2. great video and tip

  3. Very good videos!!

  4. You can just hold the axe with one hand and sharpen with a whetstone with the other hand if you don’t want to set up the stakes

  5. natitonic the file sharpenz the axe (duh)

  6. our troop always used wetstones for our axes and stuff. but i think i will tell them to try and use a file next time and see how hat works

  7. I never knew you could sharpen an ax with just a filer, log, & tent pegs. I tried it and found out it really works.

  8. it is facinating to learn about it

  9. oh sorry bout that other comment im just fig. things out here


  10. no offense but, how do you sharpen an ax bye putting it be hind some pegs and a log?

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