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How to sharpen a knife or ax

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  1. what about using the file properly, you could very easly ruin files the way the video is showing you how

  2. random guy, yuh gotta click on tha thing that sez ax sharpening.

  3. The video won’t play for me either.

  4. knife collector // November 29, 2008 at 9:42 am // Reply

    video wont play.

  5. now i know how to sharpen a AXE thanks for the TIPS!

  6. i can sharpen my pocket knife.Thanks for the tips.

  7. The axe/hatchet sharpening is correct. The knife sharpening is only partially correct.

    Alternate from one side of the blade to the other. NEVER continuously hone one side of the blade. This creates an uneven bevel.

  8. these are wrong

  9. now i can sharpen my pocket knives

  10. Axe sharpening info is incomplete. You should mention that a burr will be formed on the opposite side of the blade that you’re filing on, then tell us how to get rid of the burr edge, strop the blade, etc. Also, we were taught to make a long, single file strokes from the near end of the blade to the far end. Your method of filing in small sections most likely will lead to uneven sharpening.

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