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Watch as Colorado Scouts navigate the GeoFox course

The GeoFox race combines geocaching — in which competitors use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to find hidden containers, or caches — and “fox hunting,” in which competitors use radio direction-finding techniques to find hidden transmitters.

Each team of Scouts from Troop 6 of Monument, Colo., has to use homemade antennae to find several beacons at a series of checkpoints. Sometimes the Scouts can hike directly to each checkpoint; sometimes they have to use their orienteering skills to avoid areas that prove to be impassable.

Watch as they navigate the course through Pike National Forest near Woodland Park, Colo.

To find out more about his event, check out the article in the October 2011 issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

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  1. noahk777 says:

    GEOCACHING !!!!! :)

  2. killa22 says:

    it was good but the the video could have been bigger

  3. randumguy says:

    anyone see lego boys life?

  4. afbrat52 says:

    Geocaching is very difficult, but when you do find the cache it is very rewarding! GEOCACHING!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. d says:

    Boyslife is a fun way to lern how to do stuf out in the forest

  6. ExtremeDart2000 says:


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