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Stuff We Like: QuikClot

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  1. Campingfriend48 says:

    This is a great product! While I have never tested it,it certainly looks vacuum sealed and sterile! [I hope i never have to use it!!! :D]

  2. AWESOMNES says:

    I hope it works.

  3. AWESOMNES says:


  4. the joester says:

    That was so awesome!!! It will help a lot on camp outs!!!

  5. cl3 says:

    pretty cool

  6. Cool dude says:

    Dose not work

  7. Cool dude says:


  8. TheEagleScout says:

    I have used this item before and it works great

  9. the chubby lepurchan says:

    thats pretty awesome

  10. a random dude in the corner says:

    were do you buy it

    • FirstYearMom says:

      We have included this product in our family first aid kits for several years now; I have seen it at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority and Cabella’s.

  11. burn brother says:


  12. 2nd class JC says:


  13. einstien720 says:

    this thing is so cool!!!

  14. Athegr8 says:


  15. T-Man says:

    Whoa epic!!!!!!!!!!!!

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