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Pee Wee Harris Looks at Safety

Watch as Pee Wee Harris invents a safety suit that will protect him from all sort of harm in this animated cartoon.

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10 Comments on Pee Wee Harris Looks at Safety

  1. …..ok……. that…..was……werid.

  2. hahahahaha………i dont get it….

  3. pee wee sould make one safe of banana peals too.Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  4. scout lover 2000 // November 20, 2007 at 12:52 am // Reply

    again like every body else it was funny but a little redundant

  5. That was funny

  6. That is very very funny!

  7. I prefer the comic version in the magazine.


  9. It’s fine, though the wholething seemed in slow motion, though if I see Peewee again, I hope it’s in the magazine!

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