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Greg Heffley’s Guide to Outdoor Survival

Greg Heffley might be the “Wimpy Kid” of book and big-screen fame, but he’s no wimp when it comes to camping. (Or is he?) Here’s his take on the great outdoors. For more of his tips, check out the article in the August 2012 issue of Boys’ Life magazine.

Comments about “Greg Heffley’s Guide to Outdoor Survival”

  1. Bossman says:


  2. clonetrooper says:

    why the mallet

  3. super mario says:

    i thought it was pretty good

  4. Cool Man says:


  5. Waves739 says:

    The old woodsman really should have had a flashlight.

  6. bossman says:

    (PS) don’t try this at campsites!

  7. yelpa says:

    Why did greg hit the man with a mallet? And why a mallet, I would’ve picked a hammer!

    • thehelpfulreplier says:

      If you haven’t seen the movie, he hit his dad’s hand (that was his dad) with a mallat because he was paranoid of the old woodsman’s hand still trying to strangle people, as per the ghost story.

  8. Nerd says:

    This video is so awesome and funny, especially when Chirag Gupta falls off the log!

  9. Tenderfoot says:

    You don’t need to do any of this on a campout.

  10. chase217 says:


  11. jtc123 says:

    awesome video

  12. bro band says:

    that was awesome.

  13. meerikats says:

    i have all of the books and this is a funny video

  14. BL 02 says:

    The movie is so much funier

  15. mas says:

    i like that movie

  16. d.j. says:

    It is AWESOME video!

  17. DA MOOSE says:

    i use a hatchet not a mallet

  18. Anonymous says:

    you have to see the movie

  19. TJ says:


  20. Drufdtrtyrsdr says:


  21. J-Man says:

    I love camping to!:)

  22. catman says:

    why a mallet

  23. pkmn man says:

    lol greg gives shovel to rowely XD
    mr jefferson still gonna be mad at greg T_T

  24. titotaco says:

    why a mallet? just, why????

  25. jason says:


  26. red ant says:

    hilarious! U_U

  27. wikked says:

    i don’t get it!:(

  28. boss says:

    great movie

  29. duddy 1234 says:


  30. cman7777750 says:

    :3 funny video:)

  31. Pcb says:

    Really funny

  32. mario mario says:


  33. Skiing In Winter Park says:

    “Why’d you hit me in the hand with a mallet?!”
    ” Do What….”

  34. when is it coming out? says:

    look at my name.

  35. Rich1247 says:

    I fill bad for the man that got het in the head with a malet

  36. dukeboy says:

    always include fishing poles

  37. Cool Guy says:

    AWESOME video

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