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Greg Heffley’s Guide to Outdoor Survival

Comments about “Greg Heffley’s Guide to Outdoor Survival”

  1. arinator says:

    haha so funny lol

  2. usmcrocks says:


  3. pinky says:

    that is funny. I am going to see movie


  4. jackaroo says:

    go to the movie

  5. doeboy111 says:


  6. crasher says:

    that looks like an incredible movie, however its nothing like the book, they dont even go to smmer camp or mention boyscouts in the book

    • Ninten says:

      @crasher: the actors are getting old, so for this movie, they’re putting Last Straw and Dog Days together, but the only summer camp I remember was that military camp…

  7. Harry Potter Fan #1 says:


  8. bumpus#62 says:

    im going to see that

  9. sopwith says:

    going to see that movie

  10. MM says:

    need to see it

  11. tf2 says:

    they should have made it longer

  12. coockee says:

    I loved it and i am going to the movie

  13. wimpy kid says:

    Har de har

  14. jr says:

    greg that moive is great

  15. jr says:

    i love the dairy of the wimpy kid

  16. SWAGERIFIC says:


  17. nigle98 says:

    can’t wait till it’s out!!!! got to see it

  18. wimpy kid says:

    all i got to say is i am going to the movie

  19. asian says:

    k then

  20. herobine says:

    I will see the movie

  21. viperpit101 says:

    Wow. Three letters; WOW.

  22. funnyman says:

    i wish i could do that

  23. awesomechick101 says:


  24. 12esrri says:

    AWSOME and funny

  25. juliana says:

    i love your video

  26. Rubber malet says:

    This is gonna be the best movie yet, I love to camp!!!!!

  27. Rejie #1931 says:

    Can’t wait to go see the movie on opening day!

  28. dredd speed says:

    this is cool

  29. Yamy says:

    It’s good. It’s just a little too short.

  30. Boy Scout #1 says:

    It’s real cool!

  31. dodoman says:


  32. 55555555 says:

    I LOVE diary of a wimpy kid

  33. callofduty says:

    very funny!!!!!!!!!

  34. gannondorf says:

    Pretty cool! I like it!

  35. basketballisawesome says:

    I think his voice got deeper!

  36. great life scout says:

    thanks for the help
    this is great for the younger scouts in my troop

  37. Slash003 says:

    lol! so funny! “It is not stormy tonight.”-chirag. lol

  38. anonomous says:

    greg sounds different.

  39. Big Red says:

    Great tips for me. I’m going camping next month. So if i were you, follow these tips.

  40. Jim says:

    I love Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

  41. Tearfulrocky says:


  42. gogo says:


  43. some guy says:


  44. Uberlyuber says:

    Lol that waz funny xD

  45. camp king says:

    good ideas!

  46. Wingman says:

    It was funny!

  47. I like cereal says:

    hey its marvin !!!!!!! (from daddy daycare )

  48. phil says:

    I think those are good tips for camping!;)

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