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Greg Heffley’s Guide to Outdoor Survival

Comments about “Greg Heffley’s Guide to Outdoor Survival”

  1. Bossman says:


  2. clonetrooper says:

    why the mallet

  3. super mario says:

    i thought it was pretty good

  4. Cool Man says:


  5. Waves739 says:

    The old woodsman really should have had a flashlight.

  6. bossman says:

    (PS) don’t try this at campsites!

  7. yelpa says:

    Why did greg hit the man with a mallet? And why a mallet, I would’ve picked a hammer!

    • thehelpfulreplier says:

      If you haven’t seen the movie, he hit his dad’s hand (that was his dad) with a mallat because he was paranoid of the old woodsman’s hand still trying to strangle people, as per the ghost story.

  8. Nerd says:

    This video is so awesome and funny, especially when Chirag Gupta falls off the log!

  9. Tenderfoot says:

    You don’t need to do any of this on a campout.

  10. chase217 says:


  11. jtc123 says:

    awesome video

  12. bro band says:

    that was awesome.

  13. meerikats says:

    i have all of the books and this is a funny video

  14. BL 02 says:

    The movie is so much funier

  15. mas says:

    i like that movie

  16. d.j. says:

    It is AWESOME video!

  17. DA MOOSE says:

    i use a hatchet not a mallet

  18. Anonymous says:

    you have to see the movie

  19. TJ says:


  20. Drufdtrtyrsdr says:


  21. J-Man says:

    I love camping to!:)

  22. catman says:

    why a mallet

  23. pkmn man says:

    lol greg gives shovel to rowely XD
    mr jefferson still gonna be mad at greg T_T

  24. titotaco says:

    why a mallet? just, why????

  25. jason says:


  26. red ant says:

    hilarious! U_U

  27. wikked says:

    i don’t get it!:(

  28. boss says:

    great movie

  29. duddy 1234 says:


  30. cman7777750 says:

    :3 funny video:)

  31. Pcb says:

    Really funny

  32. mario mario says:


  33. Skiing In Winter Park says:

    “Why’d you hit me in the hand with a mallet?!”
    ” Do What….”

  34. when is it coming out? says:

    look at my name.

  35. Rich1247 says:

    I fill bad for the man that got het in the head with a malet

  36. dukeboy says:

    always include fishing poles

  37. Cool Guy says:

    AWESOME video

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