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How to do the prone bridge/hand tap exercise

Strengthen your arms, legs, chest, back and especially your core (abdominal) muscles with the prone bridge/hand tap exercise. Correct form helps you avoid injury and get the most from your workout.

1. Position yourself facedown on the floor with your feet and hands shoulder-width apart.

2. Balance on your toes and hands, maintaining a straight back.

3. While bracing and not moving your hips and shoulders, tap the top of your left hand with your right hand.

4. Then tap the top of your right hand with your left hand.

Alternate for 10 to 12 repetitions each. See how many you can do.

Demonstration by Dave Gleason, head coach and owner of Athletic Revolution in Pembroke, Mass. International Youth Conditioning Association, Youth Fitness Specialist.

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    First circuit:
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