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  1. nick says:

    It says no plug in available? I can’t watch the video on my laptop

  2. bob says:

    :) cool

  3. batman is cool says:


  4. lax man says:

    Does not work on kindle

  5. afbrat52 says:

    Really, really, REALLY great videos! It really helped be get 1st Class #5.

    Thanks Boys’ Life!

  6. tenderfoot says:

    I got my tenderfoot and the videos help me alot

  7. scout says:

    Wow! These videos are REALLY helpful. I just earned the scout rank and now I’m almost tenderfoot! Thanks a million! :D

  8. Dead Wol 5 says:

    is it possible to get to first class in 8 months? (im an working on tenderfoot)

  9. muchomacho says:

    these videos= epic! = )
    = )

  10. the joester says:

    I need to tell my scoutmaster about this!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. jackrocks12 says:

    i am still a tender foot but i am only 2 or three things from being a second class

  12. rezer says:

    wow my mom showed me this im going to be a tinder foot im hopping tht this will help me alot…i got one last part to it then ill be working on second class.

  13. QWERTY says:

    awesome im about to get my tender foot rank and im well on my way to second class this should be useful

  14. pyro says:

    Can I start Boy Scouts if I’m 13?

  15. Moose Country says:

    Dude this really helps i am going for star and i use it as good review

  16. ozzy osbourne says:

    these rank videos really did help me thank you

  17. mrpersonman says:

    I wish I knew about these videos two years ago when I joined. I could have been 1st class right now instead of 2nd.

  18. weblos says:

    hey i got a merit badge while a weblo and patroll leader

  19. Squinty says:

    Our troop just had our Court of Honor and I just got Tenderfoot. It’s so cool, I didn’t even expect to get to Tenderfoot this fast.

  20. Scout says:

    I just joined scouts and am working twords Tenderfoot this helped so much

  21. Rex says:

    I really love these videos Iam now a First Class scout. All I need is four months till star. six until life and a nother six until our beloved EAGLE SCOUT RANK. THANK YOU!

  22. Rex says:

    Thank you for these videos. I finally know how to orient a darn map

  23. Rex says:

    these videos really helped so far on my ranks. I’m going for second class this monday,thanks for the videos.

  24. Rex says:

    I think that you should not only have the first three rank requirement videos, but also make videos for Star, Life, and, Eagle!

    • epicTCK says:

      Videos for star life and eagle wouldn’t work because they are mostly just merit badges and leadership. However, eagle required merit badges would make good videos…

  25. jimbobjo says:

    Really helpful. I sign off a lot of things. Become tenderfoot in one day. (kidding)

  26. ibart9 says:

    Really helpful…had seen it before but couldn’t find it for a while…wish they’d have put it in a more prominent place

  27. rex says:

    do you have to do do the yell

  28. Scouting forever says:

    A former scout, you can do venturing also you can be a recruiter, or a troop leader as an adult.

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