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  1. scout says:

    I sure wish I had found these before, now I’m a star scout and can’t use them. Wish they had them for the other ranks, but then again, they are mostly just merit badges.

  2. Mother Bear says:

    Homeschooler Mom these videos are awesome. Good job! My Son is just a board of review away from 1st class.We just discovered them 2 weeks ago. I like him reviewing what he has done to make sure he has really learned everything required. Thank you Boys you have done a good job teaching on these videos.

  3. Cowboy says:

    Shouldn’t it be said “One meal you cook and he cleans, and the next he cooks and you clean”? I’m speaking of requirement 3 in Tenderfoot, which refers to the buddy system.

  4. Cowboy says:

    For First Class Requirement 7b, on the Diagonal Lashing the Frapping Turns are discussed, but they are not shown on the video (It looks to me as thought they have been skipped)

  5. Cowboy says:

    In First Class Requirement 4d, the video nor the book doesn’t talk about what to use in your pack to keep the perishable food cold until it is cooked. How about some practical advice (like using dried ice?)?

  6. Cowboy says:

    I agree with “knotmaster140″. The podcasts are not working (at least for an Apple iPod (Classic)).

  7. Cowboy says:

    “A Former Scout” can rejoin the BSA as an adult.

  8. dragon says:

    I’m 2nd class i can’t wait to be first

  9. Jo says:

    If I am correct, first you get your Tenderfoot, then your 2nd class, then your 1st class.

  10. noob says:

    uh… what comes first 1st class or tinderfoot? :(

  11. SENIOR says:



  12. PIRATE COMITEE says:



  13. jcf says:

    These video’s are great but I have found an error. Has anybody noticed that 2nd Class requirement 8a and 8b are the same video and 8b is not correct?

  14. cherokeescout says:

    Check with your scoutmaster. He should have received these videos on a DVD from BSA National earlier this summer. This is a great tool to put in the hands of the older scouts to add pizzazz to their teaching sessions.

    Scoutmaster from East Tennessee

  15. BobbytoBobby says:

    they are really helpful like with first calss cooking gear I could not watch the video but it basiclly tells you right under the video how cool is that

  16. ridemaine says:

    I wish there was a way to get there on DVD

  17. flying eagle says:

    Should have found this before.

    Just had my first class bourd of review

  18. cheese says:

    i wish i had all this before. i basically need a board of review for first class

  19. eagletobe333231 says:

    These webcasts really helped. Now I’m a Star Scout! Thank you again

  20. goscouts38 says:

    Im so glad I found these videos, I just bridged over and the videos have already made a difference. I am now three requirements away from Tenderfoot

  21. L'S''a''p'a says:

    It didnt work.

  22. Starboy says:

    wish I had these B4, I am Star Scout!

  23. koolook says:

    I am so thankful for theese videos

  24. scouter45 says:

    In your American flag video, you forgot to mention that it shouldNEVER touch the FLOOR!!!!!! I’m a tenderfoot (well, all but board of review), and I know it! Great videos, though.

  25. knotmaster140 says:

    :( I believe that the “podcast”s are not working. :(

  26. eman says:

    i cant work this

  27. gogo2010 says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  29. gogo says:

    thank you

  30. Scout 33 says:

    I wish I found out about these videos earlier. They are very detailed!!! I am a First Class Scout.

  31. fisrst year guy says:

    i am almost tender foot and this is very useful but very dull

  32. Cowboy says:

    I am an adult. I wish I would have had these videos when I was a boy!

  33. Soon to be a scout A.K.A. Trevty1995 says:

    Tonight is my first meeting so I want to learn as much as I can, so I get my first rank as fast as possible.

  34. T-foot says:

    It’s a great way to actually see what I need to do, to bad they don’t have something like this for merit badges.

  35. Troop49_CC says:

    This ROCKS!!!

  36. agent doolin, C.I.A. says:

    I’m a star scout, but I wish I was a second class!

  37. Eagle says:

    It’s a great way to help scout’s actually see what they need to do.

  38. kgwkyle says:

    Helps me!

  39. al.jawala alwihda says:

    thank you

  40. Nathaniel says:

    I can’t veiw the video and I can not get onto the apple we site because of school blocks. It plays but all I hear is the audio and I can’t see the video.

  41. Number 1 Scout!!!!! says:

    I think this really helps younger scouts see what they need to do!

    This is really excellent!!!!!!

  42. scouttroop142 says:

    i like it!!!!!!

  43. Scout285 says:

    Helps when reviewing for Board Of Review.

  44. doodle says:

    great information and helpful guide. The bicycle racers in the end of Tenderfoot requirement 10b aren’t wearing helmets, which isn’t very safe, and I feel is somewhat our of place for Boy Scouts were we are very safety oriented.

  45. mooh says:

    It shows me what I will need to do soon. Helpful

  46. pk334kid says:

    It shows me what I will need to do soon. Helpful

  47. esmsc13 says:

    Helps get a feel for it

  48. aformerscout says:

    Makes me sad that I never continued Boy Scouts, sad because I will be eighteen in a month. Can’t really rejoin at that age now can I?

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