Pinewood Derby

Video of a super-fast pinewood derby track

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  1. Rifleman says:

    That was the coolest thing that i’ve ever seen!!!!

    SC PACK #607

  2. ftgjnfgjf says:

    wow,thats all i have to say

  3. Ice Cream says:

    They were like 3 times faster than the fastest car at my pine wood berby race!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Youseff says:


  5. qwertyuiop says:

    I got 2`st place before in the pinewood derby. is`t that cool.

  6. conss says:

    i won for pack442

  7. turret man says:

    That was awesome!!!! i wonder where it was

  8. MOONMAN200 says:

    PINEWOOD DERBY is coming up,hope I win the 1st prize!!!!

  9. hhcool says:

    are those cars or bullets?

  10. matt says:

    drag racing

  11. J.J. says:

    Why don’t they make those Standard

  12. squirrel lover says:

    wow!!! from that high up, it’s so awesome

  13. hi says:

    that was crazy and cool at the same time!!!! :D

  14. sonic boomer says:

    a car was so slow on the home stretch coming from a 2-story track? Must be friction.

  15. Harrly135 says:


  16. zackhster says:

    i won the game today

  17. lolypop says:

    that was amazing!!!
    but how did they make the track like that???

  18. boy127 says:

    That is CRAZY!!!

  19. SUPERMAN! says:

    WOW,thats pretty fast!

  20. jrpogs123 says:

    That is CRAZY.
    Is it in a mall??????

  21. car says:

    i could`nt see the video cause` i was using my DSi but it sounds really cool!

  22. rc says:

    i could`nt see the video cause` i was using my DSi but it sounds really cool!

  23. mr.byu says:

    where do you get a track that long?

  24. dlo says:

    i raced on that track and got first place

  25. West TEXAS says:

    Just like what Bob said.

  26. West TEXAS says:

    Awesome, what would happen if one of those cars flipped on the track? Then all the other cars would hit it as well.

  27. birdie says:


  28. Bob says:

    the cars are going so fast they could do a flip

  29. MR. Owl says:

    so large!so long! I cannot even imagine how fast those cars went!!!!!

  30. zachster says:

    what a race

  31. zachster says:

    I got to the district race and lost

  32. zachster says:

    aswome race in that movie

  33. izzy says:

    i am going there

  34. toni says:

    fast cars!

  35. mason says:

    I won 2nd place

  36. boyslifelover says:

    cool im a good racer

  37. J-Man says:

    This year i lost the first two times i went up there.We realized my front right wheel was wobbly.

  38. pack8174 says:

    awesome way to do it.

  39. Anakin Skywalker says:

    Last year i beat my whole pack. This year my brother is racing too.

  40. Anonymous says:

    so fast

  41. Little Bear says:

    Iwant to run my 2009 second place in district car on that track.

  42. Rhinno From Pack 99 says:

    I like the pinewood derby better than the other cool stuff becuase my pack always makes it fun!

  43. Drumstick says:

    i want to race my pinewood derby ambulance.

  44. happybob! says:

    bigger than the track my pack has!!!!!!!

  45. samspy says:

    I want to race on that track!

  46. gamemaster says:

    big track!!!!!!

  47. blade says:

    way cool

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