Pinewood Derby

Video of a super-fast pinewood derby track

Cub Scouts competing in a pinewood derby in Indiana last January didn’t get to see much of the action.

The giant track made the cars zip by so fast, you could only hear them.

The Crossroads of America Council built the track inside the Indiana State Museum. The track was more than two stories tall and 125 feet long — almost as long as a Boeing 737 airplane.

Use the above player to watch video from the race and check out the article in the December 2008 issue of Boys’ Life magazine for more details.

More pinewood derby fun:

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Comments about “Video of a super-fast pinewood derby track”

  1. Rifleman says:

    That was the coolest thing that i’ve ever seen!!!!

    SC PACK #607

  2. ftgjnfgjf says:

    wow,thats all i have to say

  3. Ice Cream says:

    They were like 3 times faster than the fastest car at my pine wood berby race!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Youseff says:


  5. qwertyuiop says:

    I got 2`st place before in the pinewood derby. is`t that cool.

  6. conss says:

    i won for pack442

  7. turret man says:

    That was awesome!!!! i wonder where it was

  8. MOONMAN200 says:

    PINEWOOD DERBY is coming up,hope I win the 1st prize!!!!

  9. hhcool says:

    are those cars or bullets?

  10. matt says:

    drag racing

  11. J.J. says:

    Why don’t they make those Standard

  12. squirrel lover says:

    wow!!! from that high up, it’s so awesome

  13. hi says:

    that was crazy and cool at the same time!!!! :D

  14. sonic boomer says:

    a car was so slow on the home stretch coming from a 2-story track? Must be friction.

  15. Harrly135 says:


  16. zackhster says:

    i won the game today

  17. lolypop says:

    that was amazing!!!
    but how did they make the track like that???

  18. boy127 says:

    That is CRAZY!!!

  19. SUPERMAN! says:

    WOW,thats pretty fast!

  20. jrpogs123 says:

    That is CRAZY.
    Is it in a mall??????

  21. car says:

    i could`nt see the video cause` i was using my DSi but it sounds really cool!

  22. rc says:

    i could`nt see the video cause` i was using my DSi but it sounds really cool!

  23. mr.byu says:

    where do you get a track that long?

  24. dlo says:

    i raced on that track and got first place

  25. West TEXAS says:

    Just like what Bob said.

  26. West TEXAS says:

    Awesome, what would happen if one of those cars flipped on the track? Then all the other cars would hit it as well.

  27. birdie says:


  28. Bob says:

    the cars are going so fast they could do a flip

  29. MR. Owl says:

    so large!so long! I cannot even imagine how fast those cars went!!!!!

  30. zachster says:

    what a race

  31. zachster says:

    I got to the district race and lost

  32. zachster says:

    aswome race in that movie

  33. izzy says:

    i am going there

  34. toni says:

    fast cars!

  35. mason says:

    I won 2nd place

  36. boyslifelover says:

    cool im a good racer

  37. J-Man says:

    This year i lost the first two times i went up there.We realized my front right wheel was wobbly.

  38. pack8174 says:

    awesome way to do it.

  39. Anakin Skywalker says:

    Last year i beat my whole pack. This year my brother is racing too.

  40. Anonymous says:

    so fast

  41. Little Bear says:

    Iwant to run my 2009 second place in district car on that track.

  42. Rhinno From Pack 99 says:

    I like the pinewood derby better than the other cool stuff becuase my pack always makes it fun!

  43. Drumstick says:

    i want to race my pinewood derby ambulance.

  44. happybob! says:

    bigger than the track my pack has!!!!!!!

  45. samspy says:

    I want to race on that track!

  46. gamemaster says:

    big track!!!!!!

  47. blade says:

    way cool

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