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Fish catching tips

fishing-200x148Q. It feels like I’m the only one who doesn’t get fish when I go fishing with anyone. How can I make sure I’m not the only one not bringing home fish?
–Fishless Dylan, Indianapolis, Ind.

A. You need some serious angling help, Fishless, so I went to a serious angler for advice. I recently ran into Jimbo Meador, an expert angler with Legacy Paddlesports and former Orvis fishing guide, and asked him your question. Check out this video to learn from the master:


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  1. hfjcjc says:

    Try mixing flour and water until you get a stif dogh it stays on the hook better than bread

  2. Carolina angler 78 says:

    Caught a 15 lb catfish on red worms with shad oil , shad oil really works

  3. nh2003 says:

    If you go bass fishing use plastic worms.

  4. boy127 says:

    catching fish, always know how to use the bait you are using.
    try bread/hotdogs it really works

  5. Please do not use your real name says:

    If your fish on the beach like in Hawaii or the West coast, use real bait and not artificial lures so that the fish can smell it rather than try to look for it in the white water of all the waves. try to find a place near a pier or some type of rock that sticks out. Usually there will be lots of small fish which means plenty of BIG fish. One last thing, Fishing early in the morning or late at night will improve your chances because that is when fish usually looking for food to eat. Live bait will be 99.9% most of the time better than dead bait.

  6. cj says:

    what about macrol

  7. spacecadet123 says:

    i dunno about u guys ill use minnows every time i can get my hands on them.

  8. argonien says:

    remember pack21 a bullhead is a kind of catfish and there are two things that catfish love crafish and cut shad to use crafish to catch catfish take the hook and push it threw the back and gently mash the guts then take the hook out and hook it in the tail this puts out a sent that catfish can’t resist and with the shad cut it so it bleeds but isin’t dead hook it well and let it sit so the fish can smell it and want to eat it and the same with the crafish let them sit so be patient and it will pay off

  9. pack21 says:

    does anyone know how to catch bullhead cause i need some advise

  10. GEAR MAN says:

    Learn to fly-fish! You will learn a different way to fish, impress your friends, learn some new fishing knots, and be more successful.

  11. Ken says:

    Thank you for the tips

  12. pickles says:

    spinnerbaits are good for structure. dont use deep divers around trees or deep weeds if ur not prepared to loose ‘em.

  13. Bionicle99 says:

    If you catch a crayfish, hook it through the tail and/or back and cast in deep water.

  14. DL says:

    for saltwater fishing the best bait ever is tube worms they grow of piers that are mostly in the water you will see plants off the side the worms are in the plant squeez the worm out and the have tails that fish dont like the tail so cugt it off then use the worm and you will most likely cath a cat fish

  15. hi says:

    what if there you are fishing for bass?

  16. mabel says:

    I like catching fish and worms are the best use to attract fish

  17. jk says:

    thanks for the tips

  18. Kool Cid says:

    i use fake lures,if u reel it in slow and,it looks like its swimming youl catch a bass

  19. random says:

    creek chub are the best bait for bass and s4 crankbait from strikeking is the best lure. when it comes to inshore saltwater it has to be shrimp offshore sardines or ballihoo (half beak). By the way I am talking about Florida.

  20. fisher brett says:

    I saw a kid about 4 or 5 that caght a catfish in her own pond it was about 24 inches long it was cool and it was caght on a piece of hot dog bun!

  21. wert says:

    What you have to do is use waxworms they work really well. Use a small hook only like #8.

  22. fisherman says:

    one day after lobstering i was fishing with my tiny mackerel pole and a herring head and i almost had a 40 inch striper till he went under someones boat so i bought a bigger pole

  23. visitor says:

    my dad caut four fish in one day with pink and green roostertails!He caut one catfish,onesunpearch,and two crappie.

  24. Fisher says:

    Good tips I’ll use these when I go fishing!

  25. Cow says:

    Go with Rapala lures.Best lures of this brand:Skitter Pop,Husky Jerk, and the Skitter Prop. If you are using Soft baits, choose the Gary Yamoto Double tail grub in a dark color.It can be deadly on a wide gap jig head.cast this towards the bank and you have yourself the perfect combo.

  26. cowboysfan#1 says:

    my very first fish was a 3 pound catfish.

  27. lizzy says:

    i just got a conue for christmas does anyone know of a good place in Washington
    that would be a good conuing lake???

  28. lizzy says:

    i fish for trout and i like to use power bait also i put big globs of it on the hook they go crazy over it!!!

  29. fishing andcamping boyz says:

    We love catching and eating Fish

  30. baby king 21 says:

    I went fishing at Lake Powll and i caught three catfish one bass and also i caught a carp just by scoping it up with a net. And The bait is dead minos,corn chips, chetos and popcorn.Then I cooked them up by making a fire with my army sweadish firesteel and they were so good!

  31. weirdo says:

    I caut a 5 lb. bass on a mini fines worm. I have also caut bunches of bluegill on this bait.

  32. hound dog says:

    On a 3 hour Fishing trip I caught 19 fish, mostly red grouper.

  33. senkow the fishin man says:

    Buddy dont listen to them all you need to do is try varaious types of baits and see what works and what doesnt. I suggest you use corn, bread, hotdogs,red worms for bass and pan fish. Stink Baits/Dough Balls,Chicken Livers should be used for catfish. and always try diffrent lures diffrent seasons. I ounce tried a skitter pop and i got a 28 inch bass it was huge. (when useing a lure make sure it looks real i sugest rapala . they cost alot but the will pay off)

  34. dslvr80 says:

    in the delta use a whole anchovie w/ two hooks on each side head and tail make sure you have 50 pound test our you line will snap oh, make sure you wrap the hooks around the anchovie keep the drag open so you can hear the the reel, when you cast keep the drag closed … i catch usely stripe bass or catfish the bigest ive catched was at least 19 to 28 inch stiped bass

  35. jim bob says:

    I once caught a 10 lb bass on my hometown lake and it was only 6 oz from the lake record. I caught it off my neighbors dock with a secret bait. I could fit my hand in its mouth it was so big and in the water it looked even bigger. We released it later that day with an awesome story to tell and pics to back it up.

  36. camper man says:

    bread,hotdogs can get lots of fish!
    same for catfish!
    but another one for catfish is shrimp!!!!

  37. Mysterydude says:

    I wish I knew how to put bait on the hook and not let the fish get away. That’s what happened

  38. camper man says:

    try bread! it really works

  39. eagleorbust says:

    Bubba, how do you catch fish on peanut shells!?!? and i caught 14 fish, Twig!!!!

  40. catcher says:

    the first thing you neeed for fishing is a pole.

  41. catcher says:

    the best bait i have yused was corn he was a carp he was 3ft. long and wade over 18 pounds

  42. Twig says:

    LOL!! Once, I was the only one out of my den at scout camp to catch a fish: I caught 9 fish!!! I don’t know how I did it, it must have been my bait.

  43. Bubba says:

    peanut shells work very good. where i come from we use all kinds of things as bait,
    such as canned corn. but the chemicals in peanut shells will help yall catch a biggin.
    oh, and that shell trick, i aint used it on saltwater fishes only freshwater ones like bass,redbreast, and brim. good luck to yall

  44. meee! says:

    When ever catching fish, always know how to use the bait you are using.

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