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Fish catching tips

fishing-200x148Q. It feels like I’m the only one who doesn’t get fish when I go fishing with anyone. How can I make sure I’m not the only one not bringing home fish?
–Fishless Dylan, Indianapolis, Ind.

A. You need some serious angling help, Fishless, so I went to a serious angler for advice. I recently ran into Jimbo Meador, an expert angler with Legacy Paddlesports and former Orvis fishing guide, and asked him your question. Check out this video to learn from the master:

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10 Comments on Fish catching tips

  1. I once caught a 10 lb bass on my hometown lake and it was only 6 oz from the lake record. I caught it off my neighbors dock with a secret bait. I could fit my hand in its mouth it was so big and in the water it looked even bigger. We released it later that day with an awesome story to tell and pics to back it up.

  2. bread,hotdogs can get lots of fish!
    same for catfish!
    but another one for catfish is shrimp!!!!

  3. I wish I knew how to put bait on the hook and not let the fish get away. That’s what happened

  4. try bread! it really works

  5. Bubba, how do you catch fish on peanut shells!?!? and i caught 14 fish, Twig!!!!

  6. the first thing you neeed for fishing is a pole.

  7. the best bait i have yused was corn he was a carp he was 3ft. long and wade over 18 pounds

  8. LOL!! Once, I was the only one out of my den at scout camp to catch a fish: I caught 9 fish!!! I don’t know how I did it, it must have been my bait.

  9. peanut shells work very good. where i come from we use all kinds of things as bait,
    such as canned corn. but the chemicals in peanut shells will help yall catch a biggin.
    oh, and that shell trick, i aint used it on saltwater fishes only freshwater ones like bass,redbreast, and brim. good luck to yall

  10. When ever catching fish, always know how to use the bait you are using.

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