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Learn to tie knots

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  1. Quad riding boy says:

    I cannot believe you need that only on a mobile device like my iPad

  2. fox says:

    this is so helpfull im working on my first class and its hard but this helps a lot

  3. wazzup says:

    hey,oldcubscout.this requires flash,which is not on mobile devices.

  4. Knotman says:

    Nice site. It is very helpful. Thank you.

  5. simba says:

    its not bad as well as not much good

  6. Anonymous says:

    This really helped me with my project!

  7. granny says:

    I love it! Especially the part where I can pause and go through the steps one at a time. Thank you!

  8. Boss says:

    it”s good good very good like this video

  9. midshipman says:

    do you know how to do a monkeys fist?

  10. Walt says:

    I agree that this is an outstanding teaching video. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    thanks ,, it really helped me for my project

  12. Livster says:

    Is this knot meant to tie two ropes together or one rope in a knot?

  13. Nikki says:

    good for scouts and guides ,like me……!!!

  14. webelodd says:

    Is there any way for us to download these videos to be able to take to our meetings?

    • LTTPfan says:

      Yes. Go to . Then save this page (in Firefox, this is File>Save Page As). After it has downloaded, put this file on a flash drive or some portable media. Then just put the drive in a computer (if you have one at the meeting) and open the file.

  15. Eddy D says:

    Good one

  16. gullu says:

    very good for scouts and guides i like it

  17. fox says:

    very neat

  18. miguel says:


  19. chao25 says:


  20. Scoutmaster120 says:

    Great how to video. Is it available on disc so we can you them at a meeting?

  21. OldCubScout says:

    Eery time I click on Learn to tie knots, the video it does not appear. Is there another way to open the site for the video?

  22. clopo says:


  23. Scout Boy says:

    Great videos!
    Helped me with knots and lashings.

    I approve this and recommend this!!!!!!!

  24. rage says:

    great resource, need more knots though. thanks for the info.

  25. tuunie koret says:

    i like the way of tying knot… im going for a competition too… on scout day saturday ….

  26. Sammmybomn69 says:

    I love to tie knots especially the the real challenging ones so if you people know any sites for real challenging knots tell me

  27. Old Scoutmaster, Spring Texas says:

    After 42 years, on & off, as a Scoutmaster, these vidios are the best way I’ve seen to teach knots – bar none!!! It’s the easiest way I’ve found for a boy to learn knotts!!! I RECOMMEND THIS SITE! The speed control option allows boys to learn faster and do it at their own speed. An A+ webbsite & vidio series! Thanks!!

  28. 007 says:

    I love Clove Hitch It is so hard to untie

  29. 007 says:


  30. friends says:

    me too

  31. tiff-tiff says:

    i love to tie knots!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. tiff-tiff says:

    how do you make a knot braclet??????:)

  33. knotty boy says:

    I love this! But it’s missing the slip knot and the sheet bend. : -)

  34. chessmaster says:

    I’m the Senior Patrol Leader of my troop and, besides me and maybe one other scout, it’s a troop lacking in knot-tying skills. I’ll definitely recommend this.

  35. Pack168 Cubmaster says:

    Love this demo. How can you get it so I can use it with the other instructional tools we use to educate our scouts.

  36. cubmaster says:

    MY bear & webelos scouts were able to practice there knots on there own before our campout and all who used this site passed there knot test with flying color. it gave visual aid to help them when a parent or leader wasnt avalable. thanks

  37. Tai says:

    Can you add how to frap it? I have to do my knots tommarow on Sunday my BoyScot pack,400 is going to test me on it. Please help!

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