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Learn to tie knots

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  1. chadi says:

    great great keep on doing this

  2. jek says:

    difficult but exciting

  3. punk princess says:

    this is so kool

  4. Anonymous says:

    me too

  5. Basecamper says:

    Wow, you made it simple.
    Many Thanks 2/2/10

  6. shaun the sheep says:

    cool knots

  7. joe says:

    Good site for people who are addicted to knots

  8. codman says:

    i love knots

  9. roper says:

    IN the square lashing the rope is not kept parallel. This makes it difficult to tighten the lashing.

    The ending clove hitch for all the lashings. The first half hitch of the clove hitch should be worked tight against the lashing and the second half hitch should be worked tight against the first half hitch.

  10. tenderfoot says:

    thanks gear guy i am now a tenderfoot

  11. Scout says:

    I just joined scouts this helped me learn Taut Line Hictch and Two half Hitches on my way to Tenderfoot

  12. strawberry girl says:

    it’s so nice that teatching help me too

  13. Hotdog says:



  14. COCO says:


  15. Icollectpencils :-) says:

    What a wonderful way to teach knots!!
    Before, I couldn’t tie the two half hitches knot, but now I think I get it!
    Also, it shows all the useful knots.

  16. munanu says:

    i like this way of teaching

  17. me says:

    that really helped

  18. Tahlz says:

    I can’t find the round lashing?

    Thanks the other Knots are great!


  19. Girl Scouts of America says:

    Thanks so much for the help on the knots. This makes it easy to practice.

  20. Scout for Life says:

    Hey Boy’s Life,

    Where is the tutorial for a round lashing My troop is goining on a campout this month and I need help.

  21. webelos112 says:

    I’m a webelos,and this helped me prepare for the knot tying event in operation snowshoe :)

  22. snowball says:

    this helped me out so much thank you

  23. Spurg says:

    Great videos especially like the ability to slow them down. A GREAT addition would be to list and or show the main uses for each knot.

  24. i quit says:

    i quit boy scouts and even though i did i can tell this is very helpful for other people who aren’t boy/cub scouts.

  25. bk says:

    I agree with themightychief. The diagonal lashing is wrong. Where are the fraps?

  26. bear scout says:

    I agree with many of you this a great and easy way to learn.My dad said he would get rope for me

  27. nelly says:

    it is awesome

  28. knot says:

    really easy

  29. gorganson says:

    This is good, but I could still do this on my bike…

  30. 20- OPIE says:


  31. 13- daniel says:

    In the handbook it looks hard but it is really easy


  32. peanut says:

    i iove knots!!!!!!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    too bad you cant wach these

  34. themightychief says:

    the diagonal lashing is [still] wrong.

  35. finland-garry says:

    I’m so glad that this section has been added to the site! I’m often called upon to tie a knot, and find myself forgetting very easily. Even though I carry a guide to knots around, these tutorials were a lot easier for me to follow.

    Here are a few tips to knot tying sucess so you don’t forget as easily as me! :)

    -Always carry a book around, but don’ be afriad to spend a little money on the right one. I started with a black and white pocket guide that even my dad couldn’t make sense of! :) (If you can’t get the money, talk to a scout troop leader to see if someone could lend you a book for trips or meetings where you will need to tie knots.)

    -Ask for help! Can’t decipher a tricky knot? Ask an adult, older sibling, or friend to give you a hand. It won’t be that hard to ask once you get over the fear of “feeling dumb” in front of others. Everyone needs help once in a while.

    -Look for some feedback from other kids! Go on boyslife.com and other websites to hear other advice and perspectives on knot-tying from boys your age.

  36. obo says:

    this is really helpful

  37. thewebelo says:

    really good help

  38. Robin says:

    As the video guide noted, the clove hitch is the most widely used knot. This is indeed so. To perform a round lashing for a flagpole, one has to begin and end with clove hitches. The square and floor lashings used to build a camp table also begin and end with clove hitches. Tripod lashing to build a camp chair also begins and ends with clove hitches. These are just a few of the great many uses of clove hitches.

  39. scout says:

    this is way better than the drictions in the scout handbook!

  40. scout says:

    this is relly helpful!!!!

  41. Gidget says:

    I’m a Webelos den leader, and this is an excellent reference on tieing knots!!! Thanks!!!!

  42. T foot says:


  43. Eagle says:

    It’s one of the best ways to learn to tie Knots that I’ve heard about.

  44. riku says:

    this is very good reference


  45. jv says:

    Tieing nots are COOL !!!!!!

  46. Hollyhh says:

    I am a Cub Scout leader AND teach girls at camp; this will be awesome for both groups!!!!

  47. hardcorecamper says:

    This is the best way of teaching to tie knots I’ve evefr seen!

  48. yforce0 says:

    so great way of teaching knots

  49. JEORGE says:


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