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Learning to beat-box with Shockwave

Wolf Cub Scouts from Pack 74 in Newark, N.J., were in for a treat when they visited “The Electric Company” TV show soundstage.

“The Electric Company” is a new version of a popular series that ran from the 1970’s to 2003. The show features four kid heroes who can scramble, recall, project and animate words in cool ways.

While touring the soundstage, the guys also got a beat-box lesson from Shockwave, probably the show’s coolest character. Played by Eagle Scout Chris Sullivan, Shockwave is a vocal percussionist who teaches letter sounds and words on the show.

Click on the above video to watch one of the Cub Scouts learn to beat-box, and check out the February 2009 issue of Boys’ Life to read more about their visit to this cool show.

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  1. fsdafda says:

    sounds good

  2. dwalkee says:


  3. billybob says:

    I love your video of the eletric company and you Shockwave and everybody but the franksters.

  4. Tails says:


  5. K.O Joe says:

    i could do that

  6. coolman says:

    8) cool 8)

  7. gamemaster2000 says:

    i can do dat. it is so easy.but dat video was tite man

  8. vgrgx says:

    cool man

  9. NIck G. says:


  10. MAD MAX says:

    THat was pretty wierd. i can do that with my mouth. its cool.

  11. will says:

    that was a cool video. 1/29/09

  12. Doom230 says:

    Beatboxing is awsome. That means you are awsome. Duh.

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