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Stuff We Like: BaliYo pen

File this one under Strange but Fun. From the maker of some of the best knives on the market, Spyderco, comes the new BaliYo.

At its root, BaliYo is a pen. A good one too: a 4 1/4-inch-long Fisher Space Pen that can write underwater, upside down, in freezing temps, just about anywhere.

What makes it unique are the two weight balanced arms that swing open and enable you to flick open and spin the pen around in your hand. It comes with an instructional DVD to show how to make the pen do flips, aerials, even two-handed tricks. Sound strange? Told you so. But the BaliYo promotes hand-eye coordination, and it’s also kind of fun.

Here’s a video from the manufacturer that shows what it can do.

Check out the BaliYo website for the how-to trick videos and you’ll get a better sense of what this thing is all about. $25;

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3 Comments on Stuff We Like: BaliYo pen

  1. weird

  2. i love baliyo // August 29, 2010 at 10:10 pm // Reply

    dude how can you people hate this pen i love it and im getting one soon i kno what it is like using a baliyo. my friend has a real butterfly knife its realy fun so im pretty shure you will like the baliyo

  3. i like it, i want one to spin in class. its supposed to be like a balisong (butterfly) knife for you that dont get the point of it

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