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Stuff We Like: BaliYo pen

File this one under Strange but Fun. From the maker of some of the best knives on the market, Spyderco, comes the new BaliYo.

At its root, BaliYo is a pen. A good one too: a 4 1/4-inch-long Fisher Space Pen that can write underwater, upside down, in freezing temps, just about anywhere.

What makes it unique are the two weight balanced arms that swing open and enable you to flick open and spin the pen around in your hand. It comes with an instructional DVD to show how to make the pen do flips, aerials, even two-handed tricks. Sound strange? Told you so. But the BaliYo promotes hand-eye coordination, and it’s also kind of fun.

Here’s a video from the manufacturer that shows what it can do.

Check out the BaliYo website for the how-to trick videos and you’ll get a better sense of what this thing is all about. $25;

Comments about “Stuff We Like: BaliYo pen”

  1. i love baliyo says:

    dude how can you people hate this pen i love it and im getting one soon i kno what it is like using a baliyo. my friend has a real butterfly knife its realy fun so im pretty shure you will like the baliyo

  2. mittens says:

    i like it, i want one to spin in class. its supposed to be like a balisong (butterfly) knife for you that dont get the point of it

  3. fan boy says:

    the black one is 10$ cool

  4. fan boy says:

    i can get it to write in water on paper

  5. Mr. loves lock blades says:

    Thats more boring than watching my grandma dust old antiques

  6. BoyScoutTroop85 says:

    what a rip off, it is a regular pen with some wierd, unnedded features added

    • D says:

      Sounds like you went cheap and got the ten dollar one. It has a normal pen cartridge and is made in China. The US made one has much better materials and actually is a space pen. Oh, and the arms are not unnecessary. This knife is intended to be flipped like a butterfly knife. You also would have gotten an instructional video if you had gotten the US made version.

  7. :) says:

    ANY PEN can do that. and 25 bucks? Rip off. Thats almost as bad as wal-mart.

  8. get up and go says:

    Ummm? The point of this would be???

  9. Indy23 says:

    I du no, it doesn’t look that fun or cool to me.

  10. The great one says:

    That thing is so boring! It just spins around! Plus it costs like
    six times as much!

  11. camper123 says:

    “da blobness” you could make up more tricks.So I agree with “zak attack.”

  12. laminarflow says:

    The Baliyo black is only $10 and looks better if you ask me.

    I just got two in the mail and I look forward to playing with them in public and on campus, keeping my butterfly knife holstered.

    Kinda light weight compared to a butterfly knife, but still pretty fun to manipulate. It definitely takes some getting used to.

  13. h4xer says:

    25 bucks for a trick pen? That’s kinda steep for something that you won’t use very often…

  14. gold says:

    you could see more if the guy wasnt walking around in the clip.:)

  15. Harry Potter says:

    weird:( i don’t like it that much

  16. billybob jim says:

    Cool pen i want on e so bad

  17. scuba says:

    it still works the same as my free hotel pen… it writes on paper

  18. macdaddy says:

    i wonder if you can do any other tricks

  19. bob says:

    you’d need water proof paper

  20. jojo says:

    sounds cool looks expensive

  21. aulum says:

    wabawaba what?(;

  22. speedy says:

    pretty cool, but i would get sick of it

  23. gilbert says:

    looks hard but fun :) :) :)

  24. Baliyo King Marcel says:

    the baliyos are cool but they are expencive

  25. Jsm906 says:

    Wow. Very interesting

  26. XLR8 says:


  27. Mr. Mann says:

    Cool but weird

  28. ARRRRG! says: says:

    What the heck was dat????!!!

  29. Dragonwarrior676 says:

    That’s pretty cool! I wonder how hard it is.

  30. zak attack says:

    now i now what to put on my birthday list!!!!!!!!

  31. robodude2000 says:

    Cool pen :|

  32. bullrose says:

    Where was the 2 handed tricks? (it still is a cool pen)

  33. Nice says:

    I agree with Da Blobness

  34. uh what? says:

    i thought the video would show it writing upside down, and under water?

  35. A. Nony Mous says:

    I got to get me one of these!

  36. mr.chubes says:

    I really like the the cool pen

  37. boogleboy says:

    can i have one please!!

  38. anybody says:

    looks like it would get a little boring

  39. da blobness says:

    cool pen but it would get kinda repetative doing the same tricks again and again and agian…

  40. tall walking stick says:

    nice moves dude

  41. boyboyboy says:

    Cool! I want one!

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