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Dastardly Draco Returns

draco2-200x148Tom Felton first earned the ire of film fans in 2001 when he strolled onto the big screen as Harry Potter-nemesis Draco Malfoy. Eight years and seven films later, the Potter franchise wouldn’t be the same without Harry’s bleached-blond foil. See the latest movie when “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” opens July 17.

Boys’ Life recently spoke to Felton about life playing the bad guy. Read about it in the July 2009 issue of BL, and listen to exclusive excerpts by clicking on the audio players below:

draco-200x148Tom on how he earned the role of Draco Malfoy:

Tom on his interest in music:

Tom on life after Harry Potter:


Comments about “Dastardly Draco Returns”

  1. harryjamespotter says:


  2. chicken-tenderson says:

    Deathly Hallows comes out soon! It looks really good and I personallaly like the character Draco in all the movies.

  3. harry potter says:

    It probably takes work to be Draco Malfoy

  4. ions says:

    Out of all the actors I have seen, prehaps Tom Felton was my favorite. He might be acting as Malfoy but still he is very good

  5. udcid says:

    Ever since I started reading the Harry Potter series, I have thought that Draco Malfoy was mean yet awesome. Tom Felton keeps it going. His impersonation is excellent and he does a great job doing so. Keep up the good work, Tom!

  6. rocketengine93 says:

    In the book, Draco Malfoy is alright , but Tom rocks out loud! Keep up the good work. Tom had put a lot of expression into Malfoy’s character so he does a great job.

  7. skyguy says:

    I like music to!

  8. hplove4life!! says:


  9. hplove4life!! says:

    Draco ASLO had always been my FAV. character NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED!!!

  10. hplove4life!! says:

    I thought that nubmer six was the best movie and number seven was the best book along iwth three!! BUT HALF BLOOD PRINCE WAS A GOOD BOK TO!!!

  11. 2k6kid50 says:

    i love vodlmoret and draco and sylthrin

  12. pack 464 den 6! says:

    ”Potter!”Its my favorite line!

  13. yoda says:

    I wish his voice was clearer! Go Harry Potter!!!

  14. imsschirley says:

    Im still wandering if he becomes the dark lord’s apprentice in the seventh

  15. squirt says:

    i’m still on the third book :(

  16. anonomus says:

    Harry 6 wasn’t that great as the other 1-5. Still great job, Tom! :)

  17. olimar says:

    I loved the movie!!!

  18. airjord222 says:

    you can’t hear what he i saying! Go Harry Potter!

  19. anonymous says:

    You were great in that movie, Tom!

  20. flamer says:

    I have almost seen all of them!

  21. flamer says:

    The movie was asome!!!

  22. TheREALHarry James Potter says:

    i havent seen Potter 6 yet oh – Harry Rules Draco Drools!

  23. anonymous says:

    i think it was a wonderful movie :).

  24. harry's hat says:

    long live dumbdledore!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Draco Malfoy has always been my fav character even though he is a villian. I loved him in the books and the movies, and learning more about him. I saw the half blood prince the day it came out and really enjoyed it.
    Brilliant acting Tom!

  26. Some Random Person says:

    Tom is awesome, he was really good in the Harry Potter movies. :D

  27. the man says:

    The movie is sad but Tom (Draco) did a good job in it and they are making two more out of seven

  28. AkatsukiMirage says:

    He’s pretty cool, Tom/Malfoy that is. Loved the movie, he did a great job, of course. :P THANK YOU TOM FOR DOING YOUR BEST.


  29. Anonymous says:

    that was the best hp movie ever!

  30. PedroFan36 says:

    “Draco” or should I say Tom, is one of the coolest British actors of all time beating Daniel Radcliffe and Orlando Bloom.

  31. garrett333 says:

    I’m seeing the movie.

  32. boids23 says:

    he’s great in all the hp movies!

  33. The Big A says:

    Amazing!! I have always been a fan of Malfoy since the Sorcerer’s Stone!

  34. nick says:

    i like it

  35. Cheese Hamburger Onion says:

    Cant wait to seee the movie

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