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In requirement 1b, what does “play value” mean?

For the purposes of this merit badge, play value is the reason that someone plays a game. Most people play games “for fun”, but what does that mean? In checkers, for example, the fun may come from competing against a friend or family member. In a sport the fun may come from working together as a team. When you think of play value, ask yourself what makes a particular game worth playing.

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  1. what even is play value

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  5. Boyscout800 // August 27, 2016 at 1:13 pm // Reply

    What are different types of game values? Is it the reasonsfor want ing to keep playing, or the lengths of time or what?

  6. Think of play value in the most true sense as “how long will a person want to play this game before abandoning the game?” In the requirement, however, think of it in terms of “what draws the person to the game?” In the case of chess, it may be as simple as the intellectual challenge of beating your opponent through mastery of an ever evolving game.

  7. thanks so much for posting this.It was really helpful for my merit badge for game design.

  8. what does play value mean?

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